Kuklakit Dolls

Jun 10, 2021

    1. So, these are probably my favorite dolls available now. Sorry if this thread is not allowed!

      Kuklakit is a Russian artist who makes 35 cm mature tinies that cost between $80 USD at the lowest and $190 USD at the highest. There's 9 different dolls available now, 2 men and 7 women. There's even a plus-sized female option! The dolls are designed with 3D sculpting software and 3D printed into prototypes before being home cast in resin. So far, there is only white or pink resin available, but on Kuklakit's Instagram, brown resin is being experimented with! 44 cm prototypes are also being developed, but for now only tinies are available.

      Below are links to all of the dolls:
      - Artur
      - Moana
      - Aisha
      - Adel
      - Hilda
      - Eseniy
      - Bishop
      - Varvara
      - Anabel

      Each doll has a different facial sculpt AND body sculpt. Every purchase comes with one solid-eyed head and one open-eyed head, extra hands, and extra feet. There have been some minor complaints about the quality of the dolls, but for the price, and when you consider they are home-cast by a single artist, the quality is incredible.

      It is good to note the dolls look wildly different without face-ups. Here is Aisha, a doll I did not like the face of before I saw her made up:

      and this is her with a face-up:
      [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

      Not only does each dolls' body have a different shape, each one has a different level of sculpted detail and articulation. In my opinion, Moana, the newest doll, has the best articulated body of all of them:

      Anyway! I hope some of you enjoy these dolls as much as I do, they are stunningly beautiful, sturdy, and affordable. They're perfect for hobby beginners. I'd love to see more owner photos of them!!
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    2. Hilda certainly looks like the perfect granny sculpt. Are the Aishas your's?
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    3. Nope, mine is on her way to me though! Photos are all taken from Kuklakit's Instagram
    4. It would be great if you could write a review once you've received yours. They look promising, but the pictures on Etsy are not really that great.
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