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Kun in stock on Volks website

May 27, 2005

    1. BINGO!

      Thank you so much, starfall! XD

      If my daughter, who adores Kun, earns the money to pay for Kun (or, to be fair, at least a portion, because she is a kid - but she knows how to sew, and she CAN sew doll clothes!), then Kun shall be hers.

      There is now one Kun in stock in the Store of Mommy. XD
    2. Dear Karisu:

      Do you want to be my mommy?! XD

      Good luck to your daughter. :D
    3. That is just so cute. XD;; Hehehe, good luck to her!
    4. That's the best thing ever, Karisu. ^_^ I'm glad this post helped get your daughter closer to her doll.
    5. Hi starfall!

      Please accept my thanks too...I was able to pick up 2 of the 3 wigs Kaede-Sugar and I had our eyes for her! :D :D :D

      Hugs! Juli DC :daisy
      PS: Karasu--you are a great Mom! Your daughter is a lucky girl to have you making her dolly dreams come true! :grin:
    6. Oh, good! I'm so glad!
    7. Well, that was fast! :) Got some other wigs for her too - glad I did, because I am not fond of her default. Of course, the human kid will make her own decisions WHEN she eventually gets her - including her name.

      Her faceup looks terribly melancholy, though. I will probably do a new faceup. In my Copious Free Time, ha ha...
    8. there will be others who can't wait and some are willing to pay the price.
    9. I don't see what's to wait for. I highly doubt the eBay seller would ship her any quicker.

      The eBay seller is in Japan. Volks is in Japan. Volks ships VERY promptly, and I got the much-cheaper Kun in under a week.

      Selling regular edition Kun for $900 may be a possible strategy when Kun is out of stock at Volks, but when she is in stock at Volks for only about $575, the almost $400 markup looks ridiculously inflated.
    10. Can't agree more...
      Even if she was out of stock that still doesn't justify the inflated price .. She will be instock again!!! I hope he/she knows *_*