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Kyante (Musedoll) Re-che?

May 24, 2006

    1. Ok I seen a doll a bit ago and the person said it was a re-che boy... I havent seen this doll really before so I have a few questions.

      First all is it possible to get this boy/head anymore? If so what bodies match the resin, and where could I get the head. I'm in mad love with him! ;-; I could even love him as much as shiwoo!
    2. I would love to know too! Fell for miumiulove's re-che head but didn't have the funds to get it from her. T_T
    3. No, Re-che was made by Musedoll, but isn't made anymore. The only way to get him is second hand.
    4. He does pop up in the DoA marketplace from time to time though....

      And from what I've heard, the best resin match and size match is the volks SD10 boy body.
    5. Re Che is by sculptor Kyante, who did Ciel for Musedoll.

      Check out this thread for site info and such. :)

    6. *Sob* He was a real heartbreaker. And is on his way to his new spanish home...... Sorry you couldn't get him :(

      As everyone else has said, he isn't available anymore, only second hand :( Otherwise i would be buying him back asap
    7. *whimpers* I think after I buy shiwoo.. I'ma keep some money around to see if I cant hold out to see if I cant catch one on the market place... I love him so much ;-; I hope I can get one one day...

      Edit: does anyone still own re-che's on here cuz I've tried searching but cant find anything. Wanna see more pics of him =P
    8. Ahh, I really want a Re-che head too... but for a girl! :) Either way I have no money right now and I am still waiting for my first doll to arrive, so I shouldn't be thinking about others. Maybe someday, I really just fell in love with that face!