La Compagnie Des Radis 1/4 dolls

Jan 5, 2020

    1. Hello!

      I wanted to make a thread to be able to discuss La Compagnie des Radis Melba and any other 1/4 scale dolls the maker should decide to make.

      If this thread already exists, please let me know.

      If not, please share your Melba’s and plans below. I joined the preorder for a Chocolate Melba and I can’t wait to get her.
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    2. I also preordered a chocolate Melba! She's going to be a character I've had for a while- I was super picky about putting her into doll form but I loved Melba so much I made a few excuses haha~
      Only problem is the character is very fashionable and I life my life in the same three tshirts...
    3. My Melba arrived today!! Has anyone else got theirs?
    4. I recieved mine a few weeks ago too! I need to find the time to paint her though ><
    5. I did receive mine last week too ! I'm so happy with her :D
      She only has a wig and shirt for now - I forgot to buy faceup remover :doh
    6. I'm so happy to finally see more Melbas ! :D
      I got mine two years ago at LDoll.

      by Audrey, sur Flickr
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    7. OMG she’s lovely! I love her aesthetic. I got my Melba recently but I haven’t had much time to play around with her, but now that things have settled around a bit, I’d be able to share her soon. I gotta say that Melba is my cutest doll so far. :)