La Compagnie Des Radis 1/4 dolls

Jan 5, 2020

    1. Hello!

      I wanted to make a thread to be able to discuss La Compagnie des Radis Melba and any other 1/4 scale dolls the maker should decide to make.

      If this thread already exists, please let me know.

      If not, please share your Melba’s and plans below. I joined the preorder for a Chocolate Melba and I can’t wait to get her.
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    2. I also preordered a chocolate Melba! She's going to be a character I've had for a while- I was super picky about putting her into doll form but I loved Melba so much I made a few excuses haha~
      Only problem is the character is very fashionable and I life my life in the same three tshirts...
    3. My Melba arrived today!! Has anyone else got theirs?
    4. I recieved mine a few weeks ago too! I need to find the time to paint her though ><
    5. I did receive mine last week too ! I'm so happy with her :D
      She only has a wig and shirt for now - I forgot to buy faceup remover :doh
    6. I'm so happy to finally see more Melbas ! :D
      I got mine two years ago at LDoll.

      by Audrey, sur Flickr
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    7. OMG she’s lovely! I love her aesthetic. I got my Melba recently but I haven’t had much time to play around with her, but now that things have settled around a bit, I’d be able to share her soon. I gotta say that Melba is my cutest doll so far. :)
    8. I love Melba. She's such a fun sweet looking doll. She's definitely one of my favorites in my crew.:D
    9. I love Melba. She's such a fun sweet looking doll. She's definitely one of my favorites in my cr
    10. My Melba is enroute to Eludys for a faceup in the UK - I'm wondering though where are you getting your outfits from? I have no idea what is going to fit my girl?
    11. I have a real mishmash of pieces for her- msd sized skirts and shorts are fine, but an msd sized dress I have is far too baggy on her torso and the waist is too low. Yosd shirts are better, if the sleeves are short so they look proportional. I've even managed to wrangle a few barbie tank tops onto her!
      I've seen some insta posts that slim msd pieces fit her, but I've not got any slim pieces to test that one
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    12. I've definitely found good luck with slim MSD crop tops and standard yosd size for tops. Regular length tops bunch up too much because of her short torso, but crop is perfect. Standard MSD bottoms work fine. Slim MSD bottoms are hit or miss because they usually can't stretch over the hips. MSD socks work great and shoes depends on the maker
    13. I got a Melba with the most recent pre order and I love her! I just need to find someone to do her faceup
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    14. I just learned about La Compagnie des Radis, mostly through her tiny dolls such as Raclette, but I'm really in love with Melba! I'm not an MSD person for the most part but she's so charming I might make an exception. I'd love to hear from some more Melba owners about how she poses, stands, etc in comparison to other doll company bodies, and any comparison pics would be lovely :) Her face is so sweet and kind looking, and I love all the skin tones she comes in.
    15. Yeah I have a Melba too. She's a sweet doll.
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    16. Melba poses really well !
      I got one at LDoll in 2018. She's an artist cast, so she may be slightly different from the ones from the preorder though.

      I did a comparison post with my Momoni on Instagram. She can stand easily, and holds poses quite well. Mine is a bit loose in her arms though, but that's just because of her stringing.
    17. This is so helpful thank you! It has the unfortunate bonus of making me want a mononi now. They look like they'd be great friends! Since they're differently proportioned than your average slim msd would they look weird next to an unoa or Narae or MiniFee I wonder?
    18. Sorry to post a link instead of a picture, but there's a few of them. I did a quick comparison of Melba vs my other msd dolls. Hopefully this is useful for someone.

      See it here.