Preorder La Compagnie des Radis - MSD sized Melba (oct. 29 - nov.19)

Oct 29, 2019

    1. Hi everyone!​

      I'm so happy to introduce you my new -and first- MSD doll, Melba :D


      She's a 40cm girl, factory cast, available for preorder in Buttermilk and Chocolate skin from October 29 to November 19 :)

      Some "practical" informations :

      * PRICE *
      Blank : 475€
      With face-up option : 515€
      Shipping (from Canada) : 55€

      You will be able to order her through my website : La Compagnie des Radis

      If you want to see more pictures of my work, you can also follow me on Instagram : @nespouik




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    2. MSD refers to Mini Super Dollfie which is part of Volks' intellectual property and trademarks.
      I would recommend adding measurements instead.
    3. Ok, sorry about that :) I will update this post in a few hours with her measurements!