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La Légende de Temps - Edria

Mar 23, 2011

    1. Edria pic teaser has come out:


      Link to LLT website

      Girth of head: 22(8~9inch)
      Neck circumference: 9.5 cm
      Compatible eyes: 14MM

      Well she's bit scary (in my opinion sorry) but her face is really unique :aheartbea

    2. I want her :<
    3. Oh my she is so stunning~
      On my list already XD
    4. She looks beautiful! It's rare for me to like a female-mold enough to actually want one... But I might buy her. :3
    5. Popping in here to say that I've been attracted to the Edria sculpt since LLdT released the first photos of the clay version. Seeing her painted decides the matter for me: I shall have to get the sculpt for my fox-spirit character (who's male >.<)!
    6. I really want mature female dolls; now Edria is on my pay-attention-to list.
      Will see when there are more photos, but so far she looks interesting and I better start saving again.
    7. Ugh. @_@ Me wanty, but I can't afford to buy a body for her to. *goes to save anyway* She really does look like she could be Roderich's sister though.
    8. I already have funds waiting for her! XD Can't wait Edria to be releasedddd~~~!!!! :aheartbea
    9. Ok, since I’m eager to see more photos, I searched and here is one more + measurements.
      So far really promising, I like her eyes. And May can be a good timing for me.

      Girth: 22cm
      Neck opening: 9.5cm

      (Note: photo belongs to LLT)
    10. Wow XD How did you find that, Tsukasa!?

      Hmm, 9.5 cm for neck is quite hard to hybrid with boy body I assume? = =;?
    11. Yeah, you'd have to either go with a smaller male body or open the neck hole up some. I've seen that done before with Minimee heads.

    12. Thanks for sharing :D I love her face XD
    13. I have bad experience with small neck hole *_* I'll wait until someone posted what male body would suit on her.
    14. True, Vincent had the same neck opening. But Edria is meant to be Roderich’s little sister, so she should fit female bodies. I think Spiritdoll Elegance girl body (girth of the neck: 9.5cm) or maybe Loongsoul 1/3 girl body (girth of the neck: 9cm) may fit well.

      I want to see her next to Roderich. Hope LLT will post some photos.
    15. There's also the dollzone 65cm and 62cm girl bodies. Possibly Dollstown 18yr girl body, if you want a taller girl.
    16. She's quite magnificent. Definitely wishlisting. Is anyone familiar with the colors LLT releases in, and what they may potentially match?
    17. Moved to a new thread?
      Wouldn't it be better to have all LLTs together? There are not that many of them.
      BabyJJ, maybe the word 'new' can removed from the title then?

      I re-post the resin color comparison for LLT. Spiritdoll and Luts are pretty good match to LLT normal color.

      More in this thread.
    18. So far LLT has released their other heads in (Volks compatible)WS, NS, and Tan. Spiritdoll, Popodoll, Dollzone, Luts and Infinitidoll's NS were pretty close matches. As well as Dollstown and Dollshe's oriental skin. I believe it was confirmed that Volks white skin was compatible with LLT white skin. And so far it's only been confirmed that Angelsdoll tan is a suitable match for the current LLT tan.

      Here's a link to the LLT Roderich page which has pictures of the various resin matches.
    19. The Spiritdoll bodies seem lovely, so that's great to know. Thank you very much.
    20. Tsukasa Oh is not me but moderator done it. Now it seems I should change both title of my threads~
      Thanks for the picture, I think I missed this one~ I'm planning to put my Roderich on SSDF body, I hope the head could move nicely~