La Légende de Temps - Part 3

Jul 31, 2020

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    2. Actually I was thinking about the promised gift the other day ^^ I wonder if they remembered :mwahaha
      Can't wait to get my body and honestly I think I regret not getting a Roderich OE. Maybe in the next pre-order... :wiggle
    3. I'm afraid they forgot about that gift somehow, since there is no trace about it. There's no photo, no info, and they don't even talk or give us any hint about it either. But actually I don't really mind about that. If they can offer us some gifts, I would be super happy. If not then that's just fine. Since this year is not easy on everybody, all I wish is that those boys can get to me safely.

      Tbh I wished LLT can release that Real skin tone. Just love another boy in that beutiful shade. Does anyone love the same?
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    4. I received my Roderich today! I did a box opening video here. :D We got boots and socks as the free gift, which you can see in the video as well.

      The NS skintone is really so beautiful and his resin is so lovely to touch. :XD: Here is a photo of him crossing his legs just to see if he can! He poses very nicely...


      Just a heads-up, his pointe and demi-pointe feet don't come with S-hooks or any other means of attachment and the S-hook in his regular feet have been closed so there is no way to reuse them. The joint of the pointe feet in particular is also sculpted differently and would require a different S-hook or another means of attaching it. I played around with it and managed to attach them using a thin wire that I twisted around the elastic!
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    5. AHHHHHHHH fan-screaming!!!! the feeeettttttt. so nice. gods he is gorgeous <3
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    6. Congrats ! I’m still waiting for mine to come! So excited now!
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    7. So exciting!!!

      Ahh 26th to 29th the tracking was active and now I am like move box move plz :eusa_pray
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    8. He is gorgeous! Congratulations! I wonder if the gifts are only for those who had to wait since last fall? That was so kind!

      I'm a bit disappointed to hear about the S hooks with the pointe feet. I'm afraid to configure something like that myself.
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    9. i'm not 100% sure about the specific mechanics for this particular doll, but i have seen in other set ups using twine to tie the feet or hands to the elastic for the main body part (legs/arms) - maybe would work with less risk to damage anything?
    10. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful boy with us, @kagami and congratz!

      You can do that the old, old school way of course, but that makes every change of feet a very fiddly and annoying act. I have to admit that I think that for a high end doll like this which is sold for an otherwise fitting high end price, the lack of attachment for the exchangable feet is rather disappointing. Especially as these feet are one of the outstanding features of the dolls.
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    11. Has anyone asked Julia about an attachment method for the feet? I have a whole collection of mini s-hooks so I might be okay when my guy arrives, but she may have another idea.
    12. He's gorgeous @kagami - and congrats on the speedy arrival!! <3

      I have to agree, it's pretty aggravating. Ease of connecting the extremities is so common that every doll company I've dealt with perfected it years ago. Not that I'm any less excited to see my boy, but I'll admit that I'm disappointed she let this simple piece of engineering take a back shelf.

      Ditto, lol.

      @I<3MySD The gifts were because there was some confusion over shipping costs when we were charged for our dolls last fall, and we had to make up the difference for a higher price. No one was upset about it, but I think she felt bad, anyway. It was indeed very kind of her!
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    13. It's so funny how different, and yet the same the new Roderich head sculpt is.
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    14. For the ballet feet, I think I will try tying a little loop of ribbon to the foot and then put the hook through the ribbon loop.
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    15. @celga that makes sense! That was so kind of her to do!
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    16. Thank you so much, everyone! :blush<3 He's truly beautiful and that body is spectacular~ I can't wait to give him a faceup!

      I've emailed LLT/Julia asking about the pointe feet attachment and I will keep this thread updated. The owners who received their dolls in my country have been quite disappointed about the lack of S-hooks because of the premium price we've paid as well.

      The ribbon method would work just as well, I believe. Like my wire method, it's all about getting the ribbon through the elastic and then tying it that will require some work. He is strung very tightly, which is excellent for his posing, but makes it more difficult on your hands when it comes to changing feet without the right tools or an extra set of hands. All I used was a paintbrush to hold the elastic out of his feet and my hands were pretty achey once I was done ahaha!

      Here are some photos of what I did with wire: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

      I also asked her about the jointed hands I ordered in May which were not included. I hope it's just because they're not ready yet. :huh?:
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    17. I would not try to thread the ribbon through the elastic. I would use a small s-hook between the ribbon and elastic.
    18. Sounds good. So you would tie the ribbon around the bar in the foot? But that would mean the s-hook would have to be tiny enough to go up into the string channel of the lower leg and yet big enough to accomodate a thick 70cm doll's string - is that feasible?

      Thanks for that! What I find especially hard to grasp is that even though the feet problem should have been solved before opening the pre-order, there were 11 more months after the pre-order that she could have used working on a solution.
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    19. @nancy_schroeder_ca My bad! I misread what you wrote. The ribbon + s-hook idea is great!

      I have these s-hooks from ABJD and they are the perfect size for these guys. :)

      I also finished his face-up today, so here is a photo of my Matthew!
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    20. @kagami Thank you for the hook link! I have added them to my cart.
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