La Légende de Temps - Roderich & Vincent

Sep 13, 2010

    1. I made this thread for La Légende de Temps

      Let's start any discussion and story about their amazing heads 8-)
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    2. I currently owning Vampire Vincent and having difficulty with his neck size T_T
      I don't know if the other owner have same problem with me. Is there anyone who had a same problem with me?

      This is my Vincent>>

      I put him on SSDF body, but the neck hole is not fit, same happen with DOT boy body
    3. what do you mean? is it small neck hole?
    4. Yeah it smaller so I need to make it bigger
    5. Could you take a picture of the neck problem? Also, can you measure the neck and tell us the size?
    6. @Minuet: Hmm... ok, I'll do it when I have free time :) (still in office)
      Just adding information, their company color is near with Volks and Luts.
      My Vincent in picture is in white skin and ssdf body is normal real skin
    7. I ahve vampire vincent too, he's really lovely. Didn't expect Julia to open up an international store. I haven't tried him on a body yet so I can't comment about the neck soze problem.
    8. I'm looking at the Roderick as a possible replacement for one of my dolls. I was so sad to hear that he's going to be limited though. I never have any luck with limited dolls (especially when they are so few in number, like this one will be).

      Are these heads more 60cm-sized or 70cm-sized?
    9. First of all I'm so sorry I can't take the picture Vincent's head in SSDF body today~ maybe another day
      Here's head measurement:
      Name: Vincent
      Girth of head: 23cm
      Girth of neck: 9,5cm
      Eyes: 16 mm

      So the girth of neck is 9,5cm that's why my SSDF and DOT boy body cannot fit for his head.
      They said, the heads is perfectly suit for SD13 or SDGR, I'm bit stupid at here anyone know what is SDGR body??

      I'm also planning to grab Roderich, but I want their in 70cm so badly T_T

      @Sillypeach: Oh finally I could meet another owner for vampire vincent XD
      Yeah I never expected too....
    10. S-sigh I fell fell in love with Roderich at first sight. ;A; I'm really hoping to nab him..he'd be perfect for one of my OCs...
    11. hi~ the new head will adjust neck size, and finally decided = 11cm, I think it can march with SSDF body now ^^
    12. Oh, that's wonderful to hear! 11 cm should make the neck opening more easily compatible with the taller range of bodies. ^^; Now I really hope I'll be able to get one of heads in time ...
    13. These are gorgeous sculpts! I look forward to future heads from this artist!
    14. SDGr is an SD13 variant body, with the proportions and measurements of the SD13 boy but it has joints and sculpt more like the SD17, just smaller. Here is a link to a picture from AerynAerie: 003.jpg
    15. Oh I see, thank you twigling :)
    16. Are the heads available for sale somewhere? I just love him!
    17. @Luckyl: I think the heads would start to sale on 1st October, if I'm not wrong. but I got notification from F Mihael (distributor LLDT for Europe) if the heads in on sale right now. You could try to ask him / PM her...

      @Loli-hime: Im not sure, maybe because the height??
    18. The heads (and the elf) are up for sale. I'm disappointed because I was expecting new pictures of Roderich, with make-up and actual resin color. I was very interested with this head but I'm undecided because I want to see more...
      Puzzelf and Vincent are limited in number (20)
      Roderich is limited in time (until 30th october)

      Also, it's not a good idea IMHO to let the Hetalia fan-art as concept design on the site. You should sell your Roderich sculpt (which is great and beautiful) but not using the Hetalia character for advertising.
    19. really love the Roderich head, but have been on a major dollie binge recently and not sure if I should...

      might have to twist my own arm since he's limited but it will have to be towards the end of the order period :)
    20. Roderich looks gorgeous, but I wish he was already casted in resin ):
      Sometimes the head looks a little different before and after casting.