La Maison de Aile Discussion

Feb 19, 2018

    1. La Maison de Aile heads have been approved by the mods for topicality, so let's join in the discussion of these fabulous sculpts :)

      La Maison de Aile is a small South Korean studio that's comprised of Miel, a doll clothes-maker, and Micazuki, a faceup artist. Their heads are sculpted by Licar based on Miel's concepts, and currently, LaAile heads are only available through limited preorder periods, the current one that's open is their fifth "child", Robin.

      Their sculpts are:
      1) Aile
      2) Sleeping Aile
      3) Amber
      4) Miller
      5) Robin

      Here's my Miller, with the Peridot faceup option (I've added the crystals on his forehead)

      Is anyone else ordering Robin, or have any of their other sculpts?
      Please share if you do ^_^
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    2. Hello! I am about to receive the Robin head. I am surprised. In contrast to their stated dates of delivery, I am receiving my head way earlier than expected! Totally excited and looking forward to it!

      I am having some troubles deciding on the body. I got the Robin head because it fulfilled what I thought Yuri (from yuri on ice) should look like. I thought I would have some time to decide on the body - but I don’t now! So now I am at a loss at which body I should get hmm... I understand that skin wise, it should match switch but I was looking for cheaper alternatives...

      Will keep this thread posted with my new head soon!
    3. @Anivyl – that's awesome you got Robin :D
      Sadly I had to pass on him as dolly funding was nearly nonexistent for me when his ordering period was open, but I'm glad someone here on DoA bought him ^^
      Also: which Yuri are you going to shell him as?

      Body-wise, I wouldn't really be much of a help as you can see in my photo above, the body I got my Miller on is more pink than him. Although a more affordable-than-Switch option in the 65-67cm range and probable close resin match (mostly because they don't have the Normal Yellow and Normal Pink distinction that most Chinese companies have) would be April Story Senior body and Migidoll Guy II body. Though I do recommend checking their Waiting Rooms to get an idea of how long they're taking to fulfill orders.

      Best of luck on your Robin!
    4. Thanks!

      I am shelling Robin as Katsuki Yuri. As I wasn’t planning to receive him for the next few months, I have got nearly nothing for him - no clothes, no eyes, no wigs (I presumed I get nothing but face up and head, as that’s what I ordered).

      I nearly missed out on him myself but negotiated with Miel (I think) and they were kind enough to give me 2 weeks to scrap the money together. (Thank you!)

      Was contemplating the April Story option, but I have heard quite a bit about bad posing, so I was a little hesitant. I believe wait time is around a month. Since I am intending to get 2-3 boys this year (next shelling are Victor, also from yuri and Haurchefant from ffxiv), I might actually utilise their buy 2 get a baby free lol.

      I did find a good (enough) victor shell from impldoll, but I am not sure if I should wait for la Maison or Kana to make more dolls (as I love their sculpts) or get it from Impldoll.

      Ah sorry, I am rambling out loud now!