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LA Times Article

Oct 30, 2008

    1. Awesome guys! You all look great!!!! :D
    2. lots of great photos - looks like it was fun. plus a couple of mentions of bjds :)
    3. wow, great photos, you guys look fantastic! and the reporter did a good write up, awesome :)
    4. Oh my I love Wasabi and her daughter's Loli outfits. The whole day of the dead motif is great.

    5. That's awesome! :)
    6. It was such a lovely tea party and it was nice to see some DoA members there since I wasn't expecting a meetup there. :) Too bad I had to leave early but it was a wonderful experience!

      Oh and it was nice meeting you Izayoi~ ;)

      Did anyone post pictures from the meet?
    7. There was quite a few dolls in attendance, but most of my pics turned out blurry. :( Mr. Postman was there and took lots of photos as well. I'm sure his came out fantastic!
    8. Nice photos.

      WOW, two articles about BJD owners in one week, both with a positive outlook to our community, this is fantastic!

      This being my second G/L outing, I was more than a tad bit apprehensive. It turned out to be a wonderful gathering for me. So much so, that I'll have to get MaDra to join me next time. "Mother/Daughter Lolita Team" (aka: Wasabi and Elektra Phyed), watch out for "Team CoBroRa". ;) I was really happy that Sheena was so well received also. Not only did you get a nice photo of her, I recall several Lolis posing with her for the "official" Royal-T photographer too. With all of the attention she got, her head is starting to swell up, so much so, that she's starting to look like a Pullip doll... :lol:

      I will work on my photos and try to get them posted soon.

    9. Great photos... and with informative captions, too! Not bad!!! :D
    10. Hehe I saw this on the egl community on Livejournal as well, it looks like so much fun! Lolita + Dolls = Perfect! XD

      I wish I could go to an event there, they look like a lot of fun! And it's wonderful to see multiple articles featuring BJDs in a positive light!
    11. (^^) Not Amy .. even they are same MSD Size..

      (^^) She is our DAMI...

      She is cute.. (^^) But I am not..

      But thanks for the posting..and I really didn't expect that.. thanks for Betty(Wasabie).
      Because I have the only one Lolita dress which made by Betty(Wasabie)...

      Thank my Betty(Wasabie)...(^^)

      I love you ...

    12. :DHey I was just reading that article; a friend of mine emailed it to me. Do you remember me? I was at Royal T with my friend at a table when you came over to look at my doll. You were nice enough to chat with us and show us your doll. And you referred me to this forum. I can't thank you enough for that, this forum is great! Well, I hope to see you and your dolls again.
    13. Of course I remember you! I'm glad you found your way here. I'm sorry I didn't get a pic of your doll that day though. :(
    14. if you look through all the photos there you see Aimee ( DOA board creator) too heh heh looks like it was fun !
    15. Yeah, Aimee came to our table to see our dolls. She's really sweet. She was also a model for the Gothic & Lolita Bible fashion show at the West Hollywood Festival of Books a couple of weeks ago.
    16. Ahhh, Ms. Cholong you are too kind....but next time you have to remember to wear your petticoat under the Loli skirt! You are only half a Loli without the petticoat!*_*

      Hey Mr. Postman....are you talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to me? Team Wasabi welcomes Team Postman into the "Parent/Kid" Lolita/EGL arena. Let's hope more families collect dolls together and dress up for it as well!;)

      I was so jazzed about the article and to think this wasn't even an official doll party! Just you wait.......;)