New Doll +LaAile+ first child 'aile'

Oct 29, 2016

    1. Hello Dear,

      This is Miel of La Maison de Aile.
      This time we tried a new one. XD !!!!

      New releases.- Aile the First child of La Maioson de Aile.
      Head order period 1 November to 10 November (Korean time.)


      For more details, please refer to the website of parts page. :)

      La Maison De Aile

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    2. Will there be other order periods in the future?
    3. I went to the website an tried to view more images of these dolls but it shows a blank page with a back button in Korean. Will there be more photos of these lovely dolls an a ordering page?
    4. Second order can not be confirmed. i want a second order.
      but secondary replication is not possible if the minimum quantity is not reached. sorry

      I checked the homepage now but I do not know why it shows a blank page.

      please enter the "La Maison de Aile." and click the "Doll" on the left menu. you see more pictures.

      If you see blank pages again, you can see more photos in my Flickr. I will be able to upload some more photos before the end of the day. I'm sorry to make you uncomfortable.
    5. The website still doesnt work but I did go to your flickr they are amazing and sooo cute! The ending period is so soon though, will you have them up for sale again any time soon?
    6. I want to second order, but I can't be sure because the minimum quantity of replication.
      I will show the "only one" for a few of extra head on this time, but I do not sure the basic order. will do my best in the future. :)
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    7. Are they a MSD head or SD head? How much are they being sold for as just heads?
      Sorry I am asking so much questions I am really liking this sculpt they are so pretty! :3
    8. hello~ they are a SD head for sd9,sd10,sd13girl size. Limited time order 10 days (11/1 ~ 11/10) It sells for 150 dollars. the shipping charges are separate. :)