Lads plus body clothing

Apr 14, 2016

    1. hello everyone, I have just ordered my first doll from Granado a Uranus head with a lads plus body and jointed hands. My question is what size clothing do I get for him. The seller said a 70cm outfit would work for him but he's really only 66.5cm although they call him a 68cm doll. I already ordered an outfit for him the Norman outfit which is for a 70cm doll and I don't want to end up having to do a number of alterations on it or have it look sloppy on him. I see all kinds of outfits that say they are for SD17 or 1/3 bodies but I don't know which to buy, I'm trying to create my dolls story while I'm waiting for him but if I can't find any clothes for him his story is going to be pretty bare (pun intended) I just can't keep buying clothes and then waiting for them to arrive only to find out they don't fit and you can never return items to China. So please give me some wisdom because now I am all stressed out about it and it was a big purchase for me that I have saved up for a long time to get.
    2. @Wittenlb I have a Lads plus too. He does wear 70cm size pants in my experience. His legs are very long compared to my other dolls about the same height.
      Since I sew all the knit shirts for my dolls I can't give the best advice on tops. But he wears the same shirts I make for my 64cm size dolls. If you were to buy a short sleeved shirts I'm sure standard 70cm size will be best.
      I would save a document for yourself of the measurements of his body listed by Granado so that you can compare his measurements to other dolls or provide them for ordering commission clothes.
    3. Thanks, I do have a saved list of his measurements and I'm glad to know that the pants will fit, I ordered him a 70cm suit so i might have to do something to the shirt and jacket