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Update ~*Ladysaiyuki's @ MegaCon 2009 in Orlando Fl (2/27-3/1/09) and more ^_^*~

Mar 30, 2008

    1. ~~**Hello there DoA**~~

      2/26/2009: ^_^ I am happy to say I will have a Table this weekend at MegaCon 2009 in Orlando Florida and I will have many of my dolls and doll Accessories/wigs/shoes/etc available there to sell.
      I do have a few White Rabbit Ren's there to sell along with my other 3 new head molds and a few Remaining Hanyuu's and some Ted's.
      I look forward to seeing everyone there ^_^

      1/27/2009: Getting ready for Idex 2009(will be there with not just my dolls, but with lots of accessories for them as well) and very much looking forward to seeing everyone there. I will be out there Friday Jan 30th ^_^ and will be in the retail room from Jan 31st-Feb 1st.

      I officially have only 11 White Rabbit Ren's available for Idex, and they are all first come first serve. I will also have a few other various LS dolls there as well, which are also first come first serve.

      the remaining preorder dolls/doll items that are not in yet, will be in, in about a week to 2 weeks...they will be shipped off to their new owners asap.

      all custom painted LS dolls and all blank preordered dolls
      that have been fully paid for have been shipped off all shipping notices have been shipped to the paypal email that was provided, all dolls should arrive soon if they haven't already ^_^


      1/14/09: 2/3 of the preorder has officially arrived to me (I'm missing 1 doll from the preorder and 2 gift heads...but they are coming in the second batch...do not worry...all orders from the first 2/3 of the preorder that were paid in FULL to me already are in and will be shipped within the next day or two ^_^ ) the doll heads and 1 doll (and of course extra stock for the conventions I attend) haven't arrived yet are dolls that were on Layaway and not fully paid for yet...so again, no worries...

      I will start shipping out in a day or two ^_^


      It's official, White Rabbit Ren's are in my possession (the rest of the Preorder is NOT...the White Rabbit Ren's were ordered first along with Dark Tan Hanyou, Lily, Ren and Wolfram.
      (All Dark Tan Wolframs are Sold and so is Ren...I Will be Offering Up Dark Tan Lily and Hanyou up along with the 5 White Rabbit Ren's))...

      I'll be hot glue Sueding and Painting them up over the next week (I am allowing 5 to be Preordered here on DoA and they CAN ship immediately after I am finished with them next week. I"m putting them up Today and they will be available until Idex or until the 5 are Sold they will be $385 + shipping to you)

      sadly enough the Boxes will not get finished in time for Idex or the preorder...it's something we'll shoot to do for the next Limited Edtion Fullset LS doll k...sorry for any who were disapointed O.O


      Now that the 1stHoliday Preorder is closed I'd like to show everyone my very first Limited Edition Fullset: White Rabbit Ren:





      She will be coming with everything shown (LS Ren(glue sueded), Hand cut and styled Pink Wig, Limited edition Dress with Rabbit eared Bonnet, Fur Pantaloons, white shoes, Pocket watch w/chain and clasp, Handblown Glass albino eyes)

      we're also working (DiSpy, Steve, and me) to also include a very special Wooden collectable Box (made by Steve, our amazing Woodworking specialty Artist) if the box gets done, it will be photographed immediately and posted ^_^

      White Rabbit Ren will only be limted to 20 in the world (only 16 of them will be in circulation, as 4 will remain in the LS family (only one will be kept by LS, the other 3 will go to 3 close to LS)) 15 will be in White Skin, 5 will be in Normal skin (Normal skin ones have not yet been done nor photographed yet)

      I will allow 6 to be preordered here on DoA, the other 10 will be strictly 1st come first serve for IDEX 2009 (Jan. 31st-Feb 1st) all 20 of the White Rabbit Ren were put into production before the Holiday Preorder even began, so they will be done and available before any of the holiday preorder gets into me.
      the 20 Ren's will be arriving to me within a week...and all the outfits, wigs, eyes, shoes, pocket watches have been fully made and are in my possession and awaiting the dolls and possible Boxes.
      all WRR's will be signed by me (Ladysaiyuki) on the inside of the headcap ^_^ and numbered and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

      Prices will be approx.
      $385 with No special Box
      $395 with Special Box
      (this will depend on whether or not the boxes are possible)


      The 4 New white Resin Prototype Ladysaiyuki dolls (Ren, Hanyou, Wolfram, Lily)
      will be on display at the Lake Eola Holiday meet in Orlando on December 13th (DoA's DiSpy will be accompanying them to the meet ^_^ )

      also as of December 15th, the Wolfram, Hanyou, and Lily White Resin Prototype fullsets will go up for sale ^_^
      and are able to ship immediately after the 15th and can make it home in time for Christmas easily within the US.

      12/4/2008: New pics of White Resin Prototypes with faceups ^_^
      (in post 2)


      Got great News here: I now have the first 4 prototypes of the 4 new dolls (1 of each in White Resin)

      and some not so great news ^^; ...there are a few delays in the preorder....

      The New open hands are not quite right yet...but they will be soon ^_^ they will officially be the new Default hands for my dolls. the original hands are available for this preorder...but I will be redoing them in the future to be more mobile as well...

      but to hold everyone over until they are done...here are the first resin Prototypes of my New Dolls:

      here are the LS chibi's that will carry into 2009







    2. Lily:






      oh and 2nd news: is that the 1st LadySaiyuki holiday gift event will officially end on the 15th of December.
      so anyone who wishes to take advantage of getting a FREE gift Wolfram head...please do so before the 15th.

      oh and for anyone who wishes to do an online Order of Wolfram...please also do so before the 15th of December.

      as he will NOT be a part of regular online Sales...as after this gift event.... he will become an LS CONVENTION ONLY doll.
      (meaning you will only be able to purchase wolfram if you go to one of the Conventions I'll be attending...whether it be as a guest or just an regular artist in Artist alley ^_^)

      the order will not come in until Jan-early Feb O.O so sorry for the Delays everyone...

      I’m officially Put up my LS Holiday Gift event/Preorder
      Please pm me or email me at natalie@ladysaiyuki.com to place your Preorder:

      Please Include: LS Holiday Preorder (in the Title)
      Name & DoA or LS Handle:
      Doll(s) Ordered and desired skin color(s):
      Mailing Address:
      email Address:

      here are 6 of the 7 Colors I offer (Blue is Not pictured...but is available)
      (this is an image of Ted and Hanyuu's...LS's first 2 dolls she made, not the new 4 LS dolls)

      FREE GIFT HEAD: Chibi LS Wolfram
      (my gift to all that place an order during this October-November LS Holiday Preorder (orders must be fully paid in full by the end of the Preorder to qualify for free gift head)) (Wolfram is classified as an Anthro head, he is a Chibi Were Wolf)

      You may also qualify for the Free Gift head if you purchase an IN STOCK Ted or Hanyuu (in stock Ted and Hanyuu are ready to ship…and will be shipped immediately…but LS Wolfram gift head will not ship till Dec. with the rest of the preroder) (you only have to pay for shipping once…and the Gift head will be shipped to you at my expense (this is for US orders only, I’ll offer discounted shipping internationally (up to $10 off)))

      12/4/2008: New pics of White Resin Prototypes with faceups ^_^






    3. Will there be another pre-order for Mature Ted?
    4. Lily:


      (pictured here with the white resin Prototypes for Ted and Hanyuu (Hanyuu is no longer available)):

      here is the preorder thread I put up:
      (there is more info here on the preorder as well as more photos ^_^)

      Please check it out if you are interested in bringing home any LS Dollies ^_^

      and here is a Discussion thread that I put up for the new LS dolls:

      I hope you enjoy this News I bring ^_^


      ps. for those of you who have sent pms or emails to me here's some answers to some questions I've gotten...

      Wolfram is only being offered online this ONE TIME for this Holiday preorder...other than that unless you see me at a Convention physically you will NOT be able to purchase Wolfram as after this first Holiday preorder...Wolfram will be a Special Convention Doll only(as I've been doing a ton of conventions lately and I'd like to have an Exclusive to conventions doll) so if you don't go to conventions often and wish to bring Wolfram home...please do so via This preorder...

      if you buy the special priced Wolfram full doll you will get an extra Wolfram gift head. ...so you will have one body and two heads...

      You can do Layaway for this preorder...but if you do, you will NOT quailfy for the free Wolfram gift head if you can't pay off the layaway before the Preorder is Closed...

      hope I was able to answer all of the questions asked via email and the pms I got...they all asked the same general thing ^^; I answered via pm/emails...but I wanted to put these answers out here for everyone else to see ...so they know too...

      for all info...please check out my Preorder thread ^_^
      thanks and many hugs,



      Ladysaiyuki Lotteries :
      Rules of how to Enter:

      1. if you have purchased an LS doll from me Directly at any point since the beginning of my handmade dollies to Procast version II Chibi's to Mature Ted...please email me @ natalie@ladysaiyuki.com
      with message title "Ladysaiyuki Lottery "insert name of convention" " and please include your real name, DoA Name and your email addy.
      if you have purchased more than one doll from me you may have more than one entry

      2. At the Convention if you make a Purchase of an LS Doll or Mature Ted Head or purchase accessories that I'm selling for my dolls that exceed over $150 in price, you will qualify for a Lottery Entry

      How & When/where Lottery Takes place:

      How: I will have a hat or cup/bowl and everyone that has purchased an LS doll, Head or $150 in accessories Names/emails on small pieces of paper.

      When: At named Conventions, I will draw a piece of paper in front of everyone there on the last day of the con at the table and read out the name a loud and show off the paper that I read from (so no I can't cheat ^_^)


      Presenting LadySaiyuki's Mature Ted first fully done up resin cast:



      I hope you enjoy the first Mature Ted I've done up ^_^

      Thanks for looking,

      ~Natalie (LadySaiyuki)


      Presenting SD Ted in White Resin:


      I invite everyone to check out my artist Thread if they would like ^_^


      I also invite everyone to check out his Discussion thread in the Large doll section started by Ophelia:


      Here is a Link to the Preorder in the Market place section:


      Thanks for looking ^_^


      oh and some More Fantastic News for the Chibi Ted and Hanyuu:
      1st up: The Second Preorder has arrived and is in progress all Blank ordered dolls are going out Monday...and all faceup'd dolls will be going out Wednesday ^_^

      2nd up: Version 2 Ladysaiyuki bodies ^_^ now with Locking Torso's for much better poseability!
      (No more hole in the torso when they bend forwards or backwards ^_^ )




      (She's standing like this unaided O.O like a little magical girl ^_^ I wish I had a wand hand and a little wand ^_^)​
    5. ~* I spoke to Dennis and we both agreed that the Ted Preorder will remain open until the Molds are finished and the first cast is made*~

      so if you wish to bring home an SD Sized Ted head/hands set or a Ted as a full boy...please let me know ^_^ I will update with progress pics as I get them ok ^_^

      ps. my surgery went well...but I'm in masses of pain ^^;
    6. I'm So very excited and Pleased to Announce that their are new progress pics and the preorder will be closing shortly ^_^ so please get in your order if you would like to bring home an SD Ted ^_^
      thanks and enjoy the new pics:









      I have asked Dennis and his wonderful team if they could separate the fingers a bit more and I will be awaiting to hear back from them, I will post more info and Progress pics as I get them ^_^

    7. I just got an email from Dennis Today showing the hands with the fingers slightly more separated than before and he's looking ready to go now for mold making:



      The hands have had their fingers separated a bit more and they are just a spray away with Primer to being finished...I will be closing the SD Ted Preorder in just 3 days...on May 3rd

      if you would like to bring an SD Ted home whether he be a Head and Hands set or he be a full doll with the Bobobie boy body...please let me know asap
    8. PersaCon Lottery Winner: CathyM (Entered via Email submission)
      ~~~~ ^_^ Winner has been notified ^_^ ~~~~
      Cathy's Brand new Normal Skin Mature Ted head will be shipped to her shortly ^_^


      New Fullsets are being photographed and will be up in the Market place late tonight and tomorrow...among them will be A Green Fullset Mature Ted and the Fullset White Mature Ted (both were on display at PersaCon ^_^) as well as a Chibi NS Gaara inspired Ted ^_^

      I am preparing for Metro and will have 2, maybe more new fullsets for Metro ^_^

      Here are some pics from the Table at PersaCon ^_^









      Fullsets that were at the Con will be up for sale in the market place today ^_^

      also: 7/3/08: now I'm getting ready for MetroCon in Tampa ^_^ it's looking to be another convention full of Fun ^_^


      PersaCon Lottery for Free Normal skin Mature Ted head:

      Rules of how to Enter:

      1. if you have purchased an LS doll from me Directly at any point since the beginning of my handmade dollies to Procast version II Chibi's to Mature Ted...please email me @ natalie@ladysaiyuki.com
      with message title "Mature Ted Lottery" and please include your real name, DoA Name and your email addy.
      if you have purchased more than one doll from me you may have more than one entry

      2. At the Convention if you make a Purchase of an LS Doll or Mature Ted Head or purchase accessories that I'm selling for my dolls that exceed over $100 in price, you will qualify for a Lottery Entry

      How & When/where Lottery Takes place:

      How: I will have a Cosplay hat and everyone that has purchased an LS doll, Head or $100 in accessories Names/emails on small pieces of paper.

      When: Sunday, June29th @ PersaCon @ 3pm I will draw a piece of paper in front of everyone there and read out the name allowed and shoe off the paper that I read from (so no I can't cheat ^_^)

      ^_^ Just a reminder that I'll be closing down the 1st Preorder for SD Ted tomorrow night...if you would like to get in on the preorder please let me know...

      and just to let everyone know...this is one of ONLY 2 Preorders I will allow for just the head/hands set...

      anything after that if I allow any more ...will be full dolls only (whether he be on the girl boy that I'm now sculpting or the Boy body that I started to sculpt (but no where near 1/2 way done...finishing the girl body first...and that's still missing arms and hands ^^; and needs lots of work))

      thanks for looking,
    9. I'll be helping LS this weekend with a table in the Artists' Alley at SuperCon down here in South Florida. She will be selling all of her creations as well as doing faceups and servicing on dollies.

      I invite everyone to come on down and see her in-person.

      More info here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=213926
    10. Sorry I am still new to all of this. How long would a simple face-up take and how about how much would it cost?
    11. Hi there MadHatter ^_^
      how long would a faceup take? about 30-40 mins...sometimes less...as sometimes I get on a roll and can do it in like 20 mins ^^; but I over guestimate as it's better to be happy that it was done sooner than to be disapointed that it's later...right?
      as for price I charge between $35-55 for a faceup...depending on size and Difficulty of what is requested.

      EDIT: oh and I totally forgot to mention this....if you'd like you can even stand over me and see the face painted from start to finish ^_^ as can anyone who is wanting a faceup ^_^ ....by the way...I will only be doing like 3 faceups a day

      ...as I'd like to relax a bit and enjoy the con as well...and by enjoy I mean sit and chit chat with dolly fanatics ^_^ hehehe....

      ^_^ Thanks Geri ^_^ you are too sweet for the recommendation ^_^ *hugs*

    12. Bump for new pics of First fullset resin pics of Mature Ted and announcement for sales or small shipment as well as news on when the rest of shipment arrives and
    13. I'm sending some more of the items from my group orders (the same stuff I brought to supercon) over to persacon with LS. (All those outfits, shoes, eyes, wigs that her dolls were dressed in... that was all stuff I got from my group orders.) So anyone who missed out at her table last time, can have a chance to pick up some stuff there. Have fun Yunabug and LS... sorry I couldn't come as well. :(
    14. O.O *hugs* I'm so very honored to receive such an invitation ^_^ *hugs* I know too that I will have a blast ^_^
      O.O and Oooooo....plans ^_^ nice...I very much look forward to them ^_^

      Thankies Di...O.O as I think it will be much nicer to have shoes, outfits, eyes/accessories and not just dolls ^_^ I wish you could come...but this just means next time ^_^ I'll have to drag you...hehehehe....

      6/4/08: just as a mini Update...I wanted everyone to know that I am getting in 2 Blue Chibi Teds and 2 Tan chibi Teds for PersaCon especially as these were two colors that were requested and I was totally out of ^^; if you would like one of them...please contact me to let me know...
      but just to let you know I will ask for a small deposit to reserve them as yours...as I will only have 2 of each and they will be first come first serve ^_^

      well I very much look forward to my Trip to PersaCon and meeting tons of new friends ^_^ and I very much look forward to the first place that Mature SD sized Ted will be on display ^_^

      I shall have 4 fully done up SD Sized Ted's for display and sale at PersaCon as well as a few Chibi's ^_^

      6/4/08: another Mini Update: I will be holding a Lottery Drawing on Sunday for a Free SD sized Ted head in Normal Skin at PersaCon...this is just a heads up...I will be posting details on this within the next few days or so ^_^

    15. bump for updates and arrival and sorting and the First LS Lottery @ PersaCon 2008 ^_^
    16. Hey everyone...I'm messaging this from a phone right now ^^; I've left home and am going to stay at a Friends house for my crazy early monkey flight to PersaCon tomorrow ^_^

      but I have a few updates to make before I get to PersaCon....

      first off...all preordered SD Teds have been shipped ^_^ Yay ^_^

      second...all paid for blank dolls that are international bound are all packed and will be shipping out Monday morning...due to my Post office being out of Express labels...I could not ship out the express packages without the proper lables...and I refused to send them Priority as they couldn't be tracked then according to my PO...and I want them Trackable...

      third: sadly enough due to delays and a tiny shipping mishap...the Blue Chibi Teds will not be able to make it to PersaCon -.- I'm so sorry about this to anyone who was looking forward to the Blue Teds in person O.O
      but I did get 2 Chibi Tan Teds and 1 Normal skin Ted (but I have no white skins at all and no NS Hanyuu's)

      and I have Tons of Chibi/Yo/Bambi size outfits and shoes and wigs as well as some SD Boots and a few wigs and accessories and I also have with me 4 1/3 mature fullset Teds and I have 6 extra heads blank ^_^ so I'll have tons to look through and rumple through ^_^

      and Yuna...pm me as soon as you can ^_^

      and I shall see everyone at the Con ^_^ *hugs*
    17. bump for Lottery winner announcement ^_^

      pics will be up early tomorrow ^_^
    18. Pics are now finally up ^_^ and just as a note as there have been many that have pmed me about this...Yes I will be going to MetroCon in Tampa and I will have a Table there and I will also be accepting faceup commissions ^_^ k
      hope to see everyone there ^_^

      and also all the Fullsets that were at PersaCon that aren't sold will be up in the market place today ^_^
    19. I am so thrilled
      Thank you so much!
    20. *huggles on Cathy* I'm so happy that you were happy to bring home a Big Ted head via LS lottery ^_^

      and as for Metro...I'd like to congratulate Mellyn (aka: Mallory) for being our LS Metro Lottery winner ^_^ she took home a cute little Hanyuu of her very own ^_^

      and just to let those who are interested know...I'm putting in a new order due to the over selling at MetroCon ^^; and if you wish to preorder an LS doll please let me know asap k ^_^

      thanks for looking ^_^