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~~**Ladysaiyuki's professionally casted Ted and Hanyuu **~~

Dec 29, 2007

    1. Great news everyone ^_^ I just got news from Dennis that all of the first set of Professionally casted Ted and Hanyuu's are now complete and will be shipping to me early next week. I've updated in my artist thread the preorder thread as well as made a news post about it ^_^

      check out the news thread I posted:

      check out these images that were taken of the finished dolls before their shipment to me:




      also I've been giving some great news concerning two possible new skin tones that may be available for the next preorder I'm doing at the end of Jan early Feb. (Light green and Lavender)
    2. oh my goodness your teds are so cute... ive wanted one for a while now but they looked so rough.. the professional casts make me want one even more...how do I go about getting a ted? how much do they cost? what skintones do they come in as of right now?
    3. Purple? Are you TRYING to kill me?
      I love how they have turned out. What a wonderful project. I am awaiting my little Ted with gleeful anticipation. Oh, yeah. Blue. But maybe purple? *sigh*
    4. Hi there Bukimeisu ^_^ thanks so very much for the compliment, and yeah the handmades were a bit rough...but then again...they were that...handmade ^^;
      as for the professional casts you can buy one direct from me ^_^

      here is some info I copied and pasted off my sale thread in the market place ^_^

      Price for Professional Cast $265 (normal skin and white skin)

      special colors (Blue, Pink, Tan skin) they will be an extra $23

      shipping within the US will be $10 (Priority with Tracking)

      I will ship internationally...but you have to contact me for exact shipping costs as it varies from country to country.

      if you wish to have a faceup...they will be available..but they will take longer to get to you and they are available for $35 for a Default faceup by me...there are samples on the test casts through out this thread...but the real default faceup won't be in effect until I get the professional casts...if you'd like to check out my past faceups...check out my faceup commissions thread in my signature ^_^

      all Teds that were not sold in the Preorder...I will either put or not put on faceups and possibly doing a few fullsets and Photograph and be putting up for sale. I will be putting all fullsets on ebay and starting them slightly above what is charged for a blank Doll...I will only put 4 or less on ebay. all others will be sold by me directly.

      here's the link to the Market place thread:

      here is a quick list of the extras I have coming in ^_^
      5 Normal Skin Ted's
      1 Blue Ted
      1 Pink Ted

      2 white Hanyuu's
      6 Normal Skin Hanyuu's
      4 Blue Hanyuu's
      1 Tan Hanyuu

      if you'd like one of them you can either pm me or email me at ladysaiyuki@gmail.com ^_^

      Hehehe I said the same thing to myself ^^; as I fear I will have a Ted and Hanyuu army ^^; as i want one in every color ^^; my own dolls are going to take over my own household ^^; hehehe I so would get both a purple and a Green of each ^_^
    5. Ted is ever so lovely~! ^__^ congratulations on getting your dollies professionally casted! *idon'tneedatedidon'tneedated* XD~ I can't wait to see pics of them with faceups, clothes and I'm really interested to see blue Ted pics~

      question - will you be making more sculpts in the near future? how many more pre orders of Ted will you be making? will you be making different hands for Ted? (be great to have normal hands heheee)
    6. Huh?
      I see they closed your Ted discussion thread. Then they moved this one.
      What is up with that??
    7. Wonderful news Nat! I'm very excited to see the colored elves! I Think Blue and Pink will be wonderfully popular! I hope you can continue to create new dolls!
    8. I am curious did you send Dennis your finished doll with the parts already all together (though not strung I guess :) just like a regular ball jointed doll with hollows and then he cast it for you? what did he use to cast it like that ? its a great idea I love the idea of someone else doing that part! so you didn't have to make molds? what medium was your doll you sent to him cast in? thanks!!

      EDIT: oh I see some of the questions where answered. I wonder if he is able to make two mother molds one for you and one for him to keep there.

    9. They look so amazing Natalie! I love how different they are, yet retain a similar feeling. Eh, I can't wait to paint my Hanyuu! Ted is definately the most wonderful doll, I am so in love with mine!
    10. ^_^ Thankies so very much ^_^ hehehe....I'm sure a Ted or Hanyuu will find their way into your heart ^_^ as I know they've done with me ^_^ I so can't wait to paint some Teds and Hanyuus ^_^ it's going to be so much fun!

      as for more Sculpts...yes I'm working on two new heads right now as we speak ^_^ and they should be available for one of the next preorders I set up...for Ted and Hanyuu, not too too sure how many more Preorders I will do...when the new dolls arrive to me I will make a definite on how many I will allow to be made. I'm leaning about 150 of each...but if Teds Popularity strikes up anymore I will allow 200 of Ted...but I won't allow more than 150 for Hanyuu...I wish all my dolls to be limiteds as I'm only one person and I don't think artist dolls should be standards...as then they will lose their specialness in my opinion. and as for regular hands...I am working on a set of open hands that I will be sending off to Dennis with the two new hands...and all my dolls will come with the open regular hands until further notice...I'll see if I can keep the other set of hands available as just that extra...or I may just add on $10 to the dolls prices and make both sets of hands come with each doll so everyone will have choices ^_^ (but that is only if Dennis say's it's alright to do)

      (Yeah I just saw that...I"m a bit diapointed as I'm Not done with the Handmade Teds and they closed the handmade thread claiming my handmade dolls were no longer...)
      as for moving this thread...it's probably cause I'm not a real company yet...and my news isn't necessarily "news chat" worthy ^^: oh well I guess basic chat is better than no chat at all I suppose ^_^

      I really hope my colored elves will be popular ^_^ I also hope to continue to create new dolls too...as I'm working on two new heads and I"m working on a special body (which will be a secret to the public until I"m fully done with it) as I've come to find out that I really like making Elves and Fairy type dolls...and I will continue this with making them for as long as I can ^_^ and as long as I can work with Dennis...as he and his company are some of the greatest people I've ever worked with...and being an ex-professional toy maker I dealt with many many other factories over in China before...but they were kinda mean and not so nice to me cause I was American and they veiwed me not as a friendly person doing business with them but as someone who is just going to tell them they are doing something wrong...as the company I used to work for was really really mean to their factory people and they had no real reason to be...(they were just cranky unhappy people that were money hungry I guess ^^;) but eh...in the past ^_^

      *Hugs* thankies Treelore ^_^
      heheh not too too sure what you'd still liked answered...but I sent Dennis a full resin put together doll and Hanyuu's Head...as they were to share bodies. they were hallowed out and as they were in my handmade preorder. and Dennis and his wonderful team did some fine tune sanding and pixing up and primer-ed them and sanded some more and made molds of the fixed up mother mold ^_^ and he and his team did a fantastic Job I think ^_^

      ^_^ *Huggles on Stella* Thankies, I really love how they turned out too. and I can't wait until you paint your Hanyuu too ...actually I"m right there with you too I so can't wait to paint my Hanyuu as well ^_^ and I"m so very glad that you love your Ted...I to Love Brooklyn as he is soooo cute!
      it's so very exciting to see a doll you spend so long and hard to make becoming so vastly different and made up in the eyes of someone else. and I"m looking forward to each and every one that goes to a new home ^_^
    11. They are so lovely Natalie, and it is so great that they can wear YO size clothes. This means everyone who gets one will have an easy time dressing them.
    12. oh no, I am a sucker for the colors of Ted..
    13. Yeah I did up the jointed body due to all the complaints that Ted couldn't fit pants like other dolls his size ^^; I mean he didn't even fit Volks Yo pants ^^; that was pretty bad ^^;
      but thank you so very much Sharon, I"m so glad you like how the professionals are coming along ^_^

      hehehe ^_^ no worries Rose...as am I ^^; so I will sadly enough and most likely to end up with like 5 of each of my dolls as I'm such a sucker for colored dolls ^^; (hopefully people won't think that I"m hoarding my own dolls ^^; )
    14. I was wondering if they were going to be selling the heads separately, or if you had to buy the whole body.
    15. that is questionable...um I"ll have to see what Dennis says he can do and if he can cast a few extra sets of the regular hands ...but I may be able to swing making a mold myself and casting a few pairs of the regular hands for those in the handmade order that my feel they need them ^_^ um ^^; but I so can't guarentee perfect color match casting...I can try my best...

    16. No hord away.. he is your creation and you should have him

      also, the artist Ted has that sweet butt and tummy.. pants can be adjusted no problem (i cut up some MSD pants for mine LOL)
    17. Do you have examples of Hanyuu with eyes and wig and faceup? The face is a little odd, it's hard to picture it all done up.
    18. That's great news! I can't wait to see the new sculpts~! I hope you can tell us soon if they are boys or girls!! I'm more partial to boy sculpts myself hehee~ Having different hands will be a great addition to Ted, at least to me hehee. I'll keep an eye out around here ^__^
    19. I ended up making pants for mine, I didn't have any pants that size, I thought my Ted was going to be a girl! Who knew?
      Personally I love the Ted pointy finger of doom.
    20. I figured I would ask. There is no pressure. But I have modded my ted a little, making his eyes a little bigger, as his scowl was frightening and he had an airbubble near his eye. I just wanted a floating head for the original because it was cute.