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Lalette's Feedback

Apr 19, 2011

    1. :kitty2
      Please post my feedback here if we completed a transaction.
      Thank you!
      #1 Lalette, Apr 19, 2011
      Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
    2. Oooh! I get to be first! :D
      I just finished a pleasantly smooth transaction with Lalette! She bought a bambicrony tan Marion from me. She paid right away and her communication was fast and clear! I'd LOVE to do business with her again! :D

      A+ :) Thank you!!!!!!!
    3. lalette bought some yosd clothes from me
      she is a great buyer
      communication was very friendly and she paid really fast
      thanks again
    4. Lalette purchased a modded elf vamp chiwoo hybrid from me. She was a spectacular buyer. Communication was swift, and polite, payment was super quick, and she let me know once the doll was received. Thanks so much for bringing my boy home, and being a wonderful buyer! (and sorry it took so long for me to get around to feedback).
    5. Lalette bought a pink Iplehouse wig from me. Communication was prompt & friendly, she paid quickly and let me know when the wig arrived! An excellent transaction overall, and I'd happily deal with her again :goldstar
    6. Great seller :) I just bought Luts Uriel head and he was sent very quickly and very well packaged. Am extremely pleased and deff would use this seller again :D xx
    7. I painted a face up for Lalette ^ ^ Communication was well kept, sends payments swiftly, and very pleasant person to work with! Thank you very much Lalette for this smooth transaction and for allowing me to paint your dolly!! I recommend Lalette to anyone~~~!!
    8. Lalette was a dream to work with. I think this may be my fastest transaction on DoA! Paid for her Kid Delf Winter Event head on the 12th, she was posted on the 13th and arrived on the 14th! Exactly as described and well packaged!

      Would definitely do business again! Thank you so much!
    9. Lalette bought a Volks SD four sisters girl from me.
      She paid with layaway and was excellent.
      Great comminication
      Prompt payments
      I hope to deal with her again.
    10. Purchased a headback from me and everything went just fine! :)
    11. I bought a MSD Romper from Lalette and everything was perfect. Shipped super quick, and replied quickly.
      I would gladly do business with her again~ Thanks again!
    12. I bought a CP El from Lalette and it was a great transaction . He was very well packaged and shipped out quickly :) Thank you !
    13. Lalette purchased my Unoa Lusis and paid promptly, and was quite patient when something unexpected came up. Friendly communication, I would gladly sell to her again!
    14. Lalette bought an adorable modified Rheia head from me. She paid quickly and was very polite ! She also let me know when the head arrived... I would definitely recommend this user ! <3
    15. I've bought a Fairyland Minifee Rendia-head from Lalette. It was a great transaction. She is so friendly and shipped the head sooo fast to the face up artist. I hope to deal with her again. Thank you so much again. :)
    16. Lalette commissioned me for a faceup and she was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Would more than happily work for Lalette again. Thank you so much for being a great commissioner!
    17. Lalette bought a Lati Yellow Lea doll from me. She was a pleasure from the very beginning! She also let me know as soon as the doll arrived! I would highly recommend her as a buyer!!
    18. I purchased some Mako eyes from lalette. Communication was clear and shipping was prompt. Many thanks for a smooth transaction!
    19. Lalette bought a Volks Rinon head from me and everything was perfect! Thank you so much for everything!!
    20. I purchased a Luts Nanuri head from Lalette and the head was shipped immediately and packed nice and secure. Perfect transition, and I'd buy again anytime!