Lamanca Works Product Review

May 2, 2015

    1. * What did you order ?
      1/3 Fran head in yellow NS.

      * When did you order ?
      2015, February the 23th.

      * Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion ?
      Yes !

      * Did the item look like the sales pictures ?
      Yes !

      * Were you satisfied with the product ?
      Yes !

      * Tell us some of the positives and negatives about this product (optional)
      Communication is via their paypal adress as mail adress.
      Once it is known, there's no problem !

      * Would you buy more from this company ?
      YES !
    2. You ordered on February 2015 but when did you receive it? I was interested in Fran but I just checked and their website is gone? Could they maybe have had bad customer service/quality in the year since you bought it and closed down? I haven't had any luck finding any information.