Lanie'sFriend Feedback

Nov 7, 2017

    1. I couldn't find my old feedback thread so i decided to create a new one .
    2. Negative feedback

      laniesfriend contacted me about purchase a dress set which is 75USD.
      When giving out my Paypal address, a reminder is also sent along.
      However 559.44HKD is received instead of 75USD, which equals to 70.01USD.
      Even with the provided screen cap, laniesfriend refused to pay the insufficient part and accused me charging for Paypal fee, while in the sale post it is written clearly that "I don't charge Paypal fee".

      After explanation in how to send payment in Paypal and providing solutions (re-sending payment via Paypal invoice & refund the first payment, or flat registered shipping method), in the aim of resolving this transaction, laniesfriend kept accusing me as 'talked her into something'. After confirming she backing out from the transaction, I have refunded her shortly.

      laniesfriend is not friendly in the communication. She showed no intention in working out a happy solution.
      As a seller I DO NOT SUGGEST having transaction with this buyer.​