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large boobs on unoa is it necesssary?

Mar 7, 2007

    1. i was just looking at my unoa still with default chest and was thinking about its not exactly flat its just small. and consideringthat most unoas represent teeenagers why not use the default chest instead? lets hear your opinions.
    2. I only have the small chest for my Unoa Lusis. It suits her character much better.
    3. or course not. Some people prefer larger boobs and some prefer a smaller chest...no matter what, unoas can suit all sorts of ages, and the chest option enhances the possibilities.
    4. boobs do not equal maturity. A flat-chested unoa can still be as grown up as thier owner wants them to be. That being said, as a (very) early bloomer, I do sort of look at most MSD, including unoa, and see more of a child when they are not as busty, because from personal experience, I expect teenagers to be pretty full-grown. It's pretty silly, lots of people never grow up to be as big as those "large milk parts".
    5. i like the large boobies, lol. it all depends on your character though. :)
    6. I have to say I can't WAIT until I can get my Sist some boobies--not that that excludes me not using her default from time to time... it all depends on what you're looking for. I'm looking for serious cleavage opportunities-- and it's cool that I can switch out one for the other depending on my mood.

      Either way--it's not super necesary, just very cool that we can if we want!

    7. To my oppinion, it definately depends on the character. I have a Sist character that would just be awkward with a ginormous rack, but then again i also want a Lusis for another character who would need some hooters, if not just to represent that certain character.

      Either way, I think both "chests" are beautiful and masterly sculpted, and the fact that we can choose which we prefer is really really well appreciated. ^^
    8. I'm 22 and i'm as flat as the unoa default chest... so my unoa has that one so i don't get jelouse.
    9. i agree completly:)
    10. I like the large breasts on Unoa. I think it makes them cute and sexy. Plus not all teenagers are flat chested. Of course it depends on the person, every teenager girl has different breast size. I think the breasts give an "umf" to Unoa. :)
    11. true, true. but still even my charcter who is a scorpio (just like ms septemper:wiggle ) has the default chest, there is just something about a flat chet with a catsuit seems . . .dunno, right for some reason i just cant put my finger on it:sweat
    12. this was going to be my exact point, but you beat me to it. ^O^; I was also cursed at a young age with large boobs and have had them since even before I became a teenager.

      I also see most female MSDs - that is, if their character represents one of adolescence - as "supposed" to have big boobs. I'd be too jealous of my doll if she had smaller ones. :P

      (Besides which, if the Unoa boys can have huge erections, why can't the girls have big tits?)
    13. Michelle Pfeiffer?

      My Lusis has the large milks,(lol) I think it suits her better and I think they look nice. When I get my Sist, she'll probably have default. I think it's cool how versatile Unoa can be.
    14. i agree big booobs are cute and i kinda want them for my dolll and myself:sweat but my dolls are just ki's even in a couple photostories i plan to make my dolll 29 i still plan to keep 'em in default
    15. I think the large Unoa busts are beautiful. Some Unoa owners how posted gorgeous pics of their girls and their blushed cleavages...wow!

      That being said, I have two Unoas and one is wearing her big milk part, and the other wears her default smaller breast part. Each has the large torso but it is nice to have the option to switch.

      Depending on the faceup and the clothes, I believe you can make your Unoa look older.
    16. I don't think either is a must, it all depends on the character of the doll or the owner. Most people base their unoas chest sizes on the characters they're meant to be, which makes total sense to me.

      I know if I ever get Unoas it won't matter. Lusis will have large breasts and Sist won't. That's just how I prefer them though. I like Sist and Lusis either way, I just prefer Lusis to be busty and Sist to not be.

    17. I prefer the default chest because the character my Lusis is going to represent is a petite teenager ^^ The large bust isn't for me, but I can understand if someone wanted a more mature looking Unoa, but then again isn't that what 2.0 is for...? I guess 1.0 and 1.5 could be busty teenagers or youthful looking adults. ^^;
    18. I love unoas in every way, but I like a lot the large bust so I think my unoas will all have it.
      Anyway I also wish there was a kind of "medium" bust... like narae's one for example... I know I'm never satisfied XD
      But I'm sure that a flat bust can be modelled into a medium one with some sculpey. :D
    19. My Sist's flat chest suits her. Not sure what I'll even do with the "large milk part". It's in the box with her default wig and my still-in-plastic Na-Nu-Ri head.
    20. I tend to switch out Helly's chest now and then, just for a change. If one day I get a Sist, then Helly will probably get the boobs permanently, but for now it's fun to have an option. And, hey, she's a model, right? They have plastic surgery all the time. ;)