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Large Busted SD's?

Sep 4, 2011

    1. I had posted this question in ask the mod forums and got directed to here since what im looking for can fit here or there.

      I'm looking into breaking into the SD size doll. I'm looking for a girl that is large busted, but easily fits clothes that are ready and easy to access.
      I have 3 msd's and they are all on the slim size, so finding clothes for them is a challenge and I would like to.. uh avoid this.
      So please, photo, any information at all would greatly help!
      Price isnt really an issue, if it's a doll that turns out what im looking for I can easily decide to save up for it.
    2. Are you looking for 'curvy adult', or 'anime proportions large bust'? There's a broader range of the former, and the latter is covered nicely by the options that Chehime mentioned. Volks has the DD series that has some impressively large options for it as well.

      Depending on just how big you want to go, there's also the Soom SGs. They have a 'large bust' version of their normal body, though it's only available with some MDs at this point. Sometimes they turn up in the marketplace -- and their normal female body is rather busty as well.

      If you're looking for 'natural looking large', there's Iplehouse's EID series as well. (The SID large bust is generous, too.) They have a great line of clothing available for them. Not always inexpensive, but their quality, in my experience, is very much worth it. :)
    3. Other than also wondering if you are looking for large busted girl in a realistic way or in more of an anime way, are you looking for large busted girls who are in the actual "SD" height range of 57-60cm? That does narrow it down a bit. If you don't have a height limit that opens up more options.
    4. Dollmore also do a Model F Lingerie model, who has huge (think Jordan ;) boobs) She is slightly taller,but is still easy to dress.
    5. I'm not really sure, I like both types of bust really.
      And as to the SD range i was looking between 55-67cm? And i'm just so paranoid about buying something and having a hard time finding clothes for her.

      So, i was really hoping to hear from experience xD. I like "anime" type busts, but I would really prefer a more voluptious figure-the Iplehouse and Soom are a nice way to put it, the figure 8. I don't really like the uhm... anime type faces that usually come with volks, at least not for this girl.

      I know that Soom releases many many interesting fantasy MD's but I havent been around when one has been released that I've had to have, but I love the fact that they are fantasy.

      If Iplehouse were to release an elf ear girl I'd be doomed. I thought about getting a FeePle Chloe, but after some bad experiences from FL with my current girl.. I'm a little bit apprehensive to try them.

      One of my dream girls is a DollMore When Dreaming Ipsae... She's kind of my grail doll at the moment. But that gives an idea of the Body/Face type I like? I know there is an Ipsae that hasnt sold out, but im not all that crazy about her outfit.

      How are Spiritdolls with clothes?

      And i'm always in love with the various clothes Doll Heart puts out (and they hardly release Unoa sized stuff) So that's also an area for clothes im looking for..
      Thanks everyone for the help so far, i appreciate it so much <3 <3 <3 <3
    6. Stretchy fabrics work best with the busty gals. Tailored clothing is going to be harder.
    7. Delfs are pretty busty, but easily fit into most clothes
    8. I have a Soom SuperGem girl, and she's not very easy to dress. I am constantly on the lookout for clothes for her, but aside from Dollmore Model (which fits in some cases but not in others), Iplehouse EID, and Soom itself, there aren't a lot of sources for clothing in her size. I can commission something made, or purchase from the limited selections at one of the above three, but otherwise the selection is very slim.

      If you're looking for Easy to Dress, I'd certainly stick more to the standard +/- 60cm height or resign yourself to making a lot of commissions.
    9. I think most of the newer realistically busty girls out there are over the 60cm height range - more like 62-65cm. I think if you are looking for curvy proportions but smaller and easy to find clothing for you should look at Delf girls.

      I have an SD16 girl and has not been easy to find clothing for her but recently I found out that Senior Delf girls and SD16 girls can share clothing so that should make things easier. So take a look at SD16 girls and Senior Delf girls.

      I used to have both a large bust Dollfie Dream girl and a Dollmore Glamor Eve but I found both of them difficult to find clothing for. If you want your large busted girl to have lots of nurse/kitty/loli/lingerie/other cosplay outfits - Dollfie Dream could be a good choice. I needed modern, less girly clothing so it didn't work for me. You can put a more realistic resin head on a Dollfie Dream body, that's what I did and I did like the hybrid. Just the lack of clothing killed it.

      Super Gems girls are more in the Senior Delf/SD16 range and while they are lovely I personally don't enjoy posing them for photos. It's just not a body that I really love.