Large Centaurs

Jun 26, 2016

    1. I saw that both the Mini and the Tiny forums have centaur threads, and I'm guessing that the Large forum doesn't because there aren't that many large centaur bjds?

      Chiron seems to be the only 70 cm one out there, with Epidos removed from the Mini section because of the size of his human part. I don't much like the look of Chiron's horse part, it just doesn't look like a "normal" horse's body to me. :\ I'm sure that there are people who like the stylized horse body of the Chiron centaur, but I'd prefer something that fills out a little more in the abdominal region like with Epidos, but with human to horse proportions more like Zinc.

      I'm pretty new to the hobby overall so there are lots of things out there that I don't know about. Are there any other large centaurs that any of you can tell me about? :D

    2. Zinc is actually the only large-doll option that I know of where the horse-part looks natural and the human part is balanced and looks in scale. I think the lack of large-sized centaurs has a to do with the cost of producing such a large, heavy, and complicated doll.

      One thing you could do is buy a Chiron and bulk out his horse body with apoxie sculpt (which is what I had always figured I'd do if I was ever able to get one).

      I think Sicktress on Tumblr took a plastic toy horse (American girl sized) and basically used apoxie to mount a doll torso onto that. It wasn't jointed, but you could probably do that with some extra work.
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    3. There was a third Soom centaur - Hornblend - but I don't recall him being overly popular. I *think* he was smaller in the torso, but I'm unsure. Centaur BJD are very heavy and complicated, which is why you generally don't see in-scale horse BJDs, even though there's a lot of people who'd love a horse companion for their large dolls. The cost is just very prohibitive.

      I'm after a full-size centaur down the line (other wishlist stuff first!) and I'll probably be looking into a Zinc or, if I can find one, a Hornblend. I'd rather not fuss with modding a Chiron, though it is a very feasible option.
    4. Does anyone know if the large bjd horse body on the centaur can carry a heavy doll rider?
      I'm working on a horse model, but am very concerned about stability.
      Don't want our expensive dolls pitched on the floor!

      Personally, I'd prefer a non-jointed, more realistic horse,
      but trying to keep the clients happy.......
      Thank you for your advice