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Large Doll Measurement Chart

May 15, 2007

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    1. I have been trying to complete one, just copying the format of the tinies spreadsheet. There are a LOT of blanks and there might be a few mistakes, and I'm pretty sure I'm missing some important dolls. Plus, I can't seem to find some sites at all. It took a long time to get all that information together! Any help with missing information would be great!

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    2. I can't edit for the SD16 and SD17 Male since I dun have a google account ">__<"

      Can someone be kind enough to list the SDs accordingly from this thread?
    3. shirou_oh_sakura you can't edit it because you need to be invited first :sweat

      Thanks for pointing out the SD16 male! :aheartbea I went and edited it in. I actually went through that whole thread, I guess I must have missed it :doh I can't find the SD17 though? Are they the same?
    4. The numbers are the actual cm measurements and correspond with their LINE COLOR on the pic.

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    5. Thanks th1 =) But the measurements I have on the chart are the ones that are on the Limhwa site, so I think I will probably keep those, unless you know that the majority of Limhwa girls are different from those measurements. Let me know, and I'll change it =)

      DanceCat and StudioJF...no worries, glad to be of service ;)
    6. I can't access the spreadsheet, it just won't load. Could someone please PM me the measurements for a Soom Mecha Angel Rex (male) if at all possible?
    7. Copy & pasted XD
      Soom Mecha Angel (M)

      Height Head Eyes Foot Chest Waist Hips
      cm inches mm cm cm cm cm
      80 9.6 14 8.3 31.5 23 28
    8. Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see Dollzone 1/3 Girls on the spreadsheet.
    9. I am always interested in the weight of the dolls. Does anybody know if there is any site with this information? If yes: Where?
    10. Always Sakura, are your measurements for the Volks SD-13 male the measurement for long legs or standard?

      Im trying to find out how tall a "long legged" Volks SD-13 boy is.

      Thank you for your help!
    11. the chart didn't include the shoulder width :(
    12. Anyone out there have the equivalent measurements for the Soom Mecha Angel female as are illustrated for the LIMHWA 57 cm doll measurements...? I intend to purchase her and would like to start sewing for her before I receive her. Thanx in advance.

    13. Although this is very helpful, there is one measurement which really needs altering ^_^

      Dollshe heads are 8 inches, not 9.2 inches. ^^; Size 9 wigs are just too big! <3
    14. Anybody knows the arm circumference and/or wrist circumference for Elfdoll gilrs (Sooah, pref, but any rather than nothing;)
    15. Are we adding measurements to this chart? I just measured my Rainy Girl with the new body and the measurements slightly differ from Elfdoll's photo.
      Height: 57cm
      Head: 7.8-8in
      Waist: 17.5cm
      Hips: 25.5cm
      Thigh: 14cm
      Bust: 23cm
    16. I was wondering if there was any reference chart for the height of the body parts? I want to make my own accessories for my dolls (atm specifically a toilet for when I get one), and I don't wanna make it too high, though for the width this was really helpful. Now I'm sure I can make one they won't fall into, I just need to make sure I get the hight right or they won't be able to sit on it. The one I'm making accessories for first is a luts ssd (which I also didn't see on the chart.) Thx a million.
    17. what about crobidoll? I think it's not in there..
    18. Thanks, will add =)

      Also, for some reason I hardly ever get email notifications about this thread, so if you do have something to add, please msg me instead.
    19. Does anyone know the measurements for the model YID Iple body? They are only half completed in the chart...