Large Doll Sculpts Using 10mm eyes

Feb 14, 2017

    1. So, I bought a few 10mm DIY eyes from Pupa Paradise since I read somewhere that it fits IH Asa better, however, it doesn't fill the eye wells of my doll as I would like them. I was wondering what large sculpts uses 10mm eyes?

    2. My Iplehouse Bichun came with 12mm eyes and so did my Jessica - both are EIDs. Not sure about the smaller sizes.
    3. I've got 10 mm eyes in almost all of my SD guys - DollShe, Granado, Soom, etc.
    4. Ringdoll K does well with 10mm eyes (I have 12mm in mine and I think they're too big but it's too late. He's stuck with them). I have 10mm in my RD Norman and Dracula as well. Both my Granado guys (Hansel and Pancho) should wear 10. Maybe even 8. I'm pretty sure my Iple EID Bane has 10mm too.
    5. My Leekeworld Patrick, Granado Mads, Dollshe Erica Snow, Ringdoll K, ORDoll Azuma. I'm pretty sure my Merry Doll Round Fang is in 10s right now too. 10mm eyes are pretty useful for the more realistic SDs.