Large Doll Sculpts Using 10mm eyes

Feb 14, 2017

    1. So, I bought a few 10mm DIY eyes from Pupa Paradise since I read somewhere that it fits IH Asa better, however, it doesn't fill the eye wells of my doll as I would like them. I was wondering what large sculpts uses 10mm eyes?

    2. My Iplehouse Bichun came with 12mm eyes and so did my Jessica - both are EIDs. Not sure about the smaller sizes.
    3. I've got 10 mm eyes in almost all of my SD guys - DollShe, Granado, Soom, etc.
    4. Ringdoll K does well with 10mm eyes (I have 12mm in mine and I think they're too big but it's too late. He's stuck with them). I have 10mm in my RD Norman and Dracula as well. Both my Granado guys (Hansel and Pancho) should wear 10. Maybe even 8. I'm pretty sure my Iple EID Bane has 10mm too.
    5. My Leekeworld Patrick, Granado Mads, Dollshe Erica Snow, Ringdoll K, ORDoll Azuma. I'm pretty sure my Merry Doll Round Fang is in 10s right now too. 10mm eyes are pretty useful for the more realistic SDs.
    6. Ironically, my Gem of doll Gaia does. Sorry, for the nerco of this thread, I am trying to find some decent 10mm eyes lol in a very specific color.
    7. No worries about the necro, I can offer a few companies! I don't have much on Flickr, but I can use what I have in doll profiles for some examples:

      Eyes that are still available
      -These are custom 10mm by DolceLuceDolls. I find they're really dimensional, have really good, really even colour. The shop makes everything to order, but makes eyes really quickly, and ships quickly too. I have a bunch of non-cat-eye'd styles from them too, but I don't have photos with me at the moment! I think they're my current favourite eye maker though.
      -These are 12/5, which is basically a standard 5mm iris like you'd see in a 10mm eye, but in a 12mm base. They're from the secret art studio on Etsy. I love their colour, and I love their willingness to make tiny irises on smaller bases.
      -These are from Ashura Dark on Etsy--very comparable to the Secret Art Studio eyes, IMO.

      Eyes that are only available secondhand:
      -These are 10mm by Shrike Aesthetics. They were good eyes, and reasonably cost-effective. I'd expect to see them secondhand for a lot less than some of my doll bakery and other bigger-name eyes. a couple of my other pairs were a bit wonky (small bubbles, minor differences in pupil location)
      -These and these are pretty much the holy grail eyes for me. They're by dollbakery, who hasn't done a preorder since 2017 (and used to sell out preorders in less than an hour--they were hard to get even when they could be obtained first-hand.) They're as dimensional as the Dolce Luce's that I mentioned up there, and their pupils track, so they photograph well. No matter how terrible the lighting is, they also don't ever seem to look "dark"
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    8. Omg, thank you for all of these links, I really enjoy the aesthetics and looks of DolceLuceDesigns eyes. I would have never found this company on my own despite me looking for hours on end. I really appreciate your detailed post and giving me pointers on where I can buy eyes for my new dolly!

      P.S. I love your dolls they are all so unique and have very beautiful face ups and styling:aheartbea
    9. no problem! thanks for enjoying my dolls!!