Large dolls 70cm and more?

Aug 5, 2016

    1. Hi i'm currently looking for fatherly looking dolls that are very tall. And would like to know what its like to have such large doll. On another note what is the largest doll you've ever seen?

      I recently bought a Loongsoul 80cm body! Its just perfect for the character I have in mind! (God I hope I never have to restring that thing...) Anyway I'm saving up for the perfect head sculpt.
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    2. Magical Angel has a 1:1 doll. That's the biggest I've ever seen.
    3. Yep- link here (NSFW for doll nudity)
      Magical Angel | Iris
    4. I was going to mention Loongsoul as well!

      Iplehouse has the HID line at 74cm

      Spiritdoll has 75cm Herculean line.

      I'm fairly certain there's another company with an 80cm doll, but can't remember who.
    5. Immortality of soul has 80cm line link. I'm not sure about their molds' looking "fatherly", but they sell bodies separately and they're gorgeous. Not as bulky as Iplehouse for instance ;)
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    6. Angel of Dream do 90cm boys AOD 90cm : Alice's Collections I had Bo but unfortunately was a noob to bjd (he was only my 2nd doll) and I stupidly tried to restring him - disaster as I wasn't strong enough to do it, so he was really floppy and I sold him very cheaply as I didn't know what to do :doh As far as handling such a big doll goes, I'm only 5 foot tall, so it wasn't easy - he weighed a ton so I needed all the strength of one arm to hold him up whilst adjusting his legs for a pose with the other hand - very tricky and those joints snap shut on your finger suddenly if you're not careful, and boy did it hurt :horror: I displayed him sat by the TV on a full-size human's beanbag - sadly lost all my photos when I deleted photobucket a few years ago! Now I've been through nearly 30 other dolls I'd love to have another 90cm AoD - can't afford it though! He fitted baby clothes size around 9 months on his top, although I had to sew pants for him - he might have fitted older children's pants I never got around to buying any before I sold him :sigh
    7. I am thinking of buying him. Do you have any pics of him in "real life". I want the biggest boy I can afford. I would love know what head sculpts you are considering.

      Wow that doll is impressive!!!
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