Largest size ball joint doll

Aug 4, 2019

    1. I have not been into ball joint doll for a long time now and getting back again because I have a floating boy Lee el 90 cm head without a body for a very long time..years. I just wonder what other male 90 cm bjd is available now that maybe I can buy a body for my Lee el head. I have 3 other Lee el boy in my collection plus the lonely floating head LOL

      If this is the wrong place to post let me know.

      TIA :)
    2. Angel of Dream makes a 90cm body, and then there is the Granado Titan, which is ~80cm and can be bought at any time via their official Taobao store and LegendDoll, the dealer, or through discrete order periods everywhere else. There’s also the 75cm SpiritDoll Herculean and the Dollios 80cm body, but the Dollios has a very small body and is proportioned to look much smaller with larger heads than the others.
    3. Thank you for updating me what is available I might look into AOD 90 cm body just to see if it will fit and match in color. I wonder if any one in here have a Lee el head on a Angel of Dream body to see if match.

    4. Try asking in the comparison thread, you might get a better reply on the more specific questions now that you are narrowing it down. Good luck!