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Las Vegas IFDC Convention News

Jul 30, 2005

    1. My sister Rose is at the convention now. She is having a blast.

      She met Jennifer and Rowena..who sell Jenny, Susie and Azone dolls.

      Pictures are from their album. Rose left her camera at home.

      The best part about the convention she told me was meeting people. Socializing with fellow doll collectors is a blast.

      She met Sher from Texas who organized a display of the owners Super Dollfie.


      Rose's Toyha is in the back wearing Bat Wings and a fur Wig.

      Volks was there with Artist Mickey...pronounced Mike-EE and Ken their new English translator. Also Volks helpers..who did help with Sd stringing and helped with loose joints or other repair tips..they set up a booth so owners could bring their dolls in for check ups.

      Rose was really lucky ...she got into the Volks face up class taught by Volks artist Mickey.

      She learned some different techniques for painting and using pastel blush and can't wait to get home and experiment.

      Sher set up a wonderful luncheon for people who were Asian doll collectors. Different BJD dolls were there and also 1/6 scale asian dolls like Momoko. Susie and Jenny.

      Rose got to meet and chat with so many different collectors. That was the best part. In a nice and relaxing atmosphere it really is a small world. Sharing tips and advice... Seeing some really nice artists and great sewers. Karen from Haute doll Magazine was there. Thanks to Sher for pulling this off. My sister Rose got to met many people in person that I have only known through different internet doll groups. How lucky can you get?

      Volks had a nice display of some different dolls.




      After the display was over Volks sold all their display dolls. Volks also had clothes, shoes and other stuff for sale.

      Volks sales set up was like a Dolpa to make it more fair..since those dolls were reallly popular.

      Rose saw Rudy and David of R&D who do 1/6 Susie dolls. They also had some Volks SD stuff for sale.

      And because of cancellations..there were still tickets available..maybe too short of notice for people who had to fly. But if you were driving...you really lucked out.
    2. Thanks for the update Gina! It sounds like a blast, I hope she at least bought a disposable camera or something to get pictures. :D
    3. wow I sounds like your sister had a blast. ^^
      I'm glad they didn't have shirou on display otherwise I would have cried. TT
      I've hear from somebody that they'll have another one next year (06).
      if they do, no matter what, i'll definitely be there.
    4. Interesting about the tickets being available, sure it wasn't just for the sales room?
      Because today is the day the public is allowed in the sales room. The convention itself was sold out months ago. I know because I asked Jim Farrone about it some time ago, and there was quite a waiting list for cancellations.

      and thanks for the photos! They are really neat! Just love seeing how Volks displays the dolls.
    5. Thanks for sharing all the news and photos Gina :D I would love to attend next year. How fun!
    6. Sales room was open today $5 for non ticket holders.

      Yep..I heard the convention was sold out and there was waiting list for cancelations too.
      Maybe very last minute cancelations...or people not showing up. It was Friday or Thursday. I tried to post yesterday but DoA was down.
    7. She left her camera home. But I think her friends took pictures.

      She had enough trouble lugging a couple of SD in her suitcase.

    8. just fyi, for those who are curious,.. we did ask Volks about when and where the Volks store will be opening and they said that they still aren't completely sure when, so they couldn't tell us yet, and for us to just keep watching the website.

      Also, the newest issue of Haute Doll has an add from Volks stating the opening as "Sept" so considering, that now its Oct, we may have another delay, who knows.

      unfortunately we were too excited and forgot to ask about "registration" issues... sorry guys! *_* I'll try and email Volks and ask about that, hopefully I'll get a reply.

      I wish I could have gone to the makeup class! There were only 20 spots or something, and since the convention had been sold out since last year... :( I've always wanted to take a Volks makeup class! I will cross my fingers and toes that they will do it again sometime, and that I'll be lucky! :D

      It was fun going, I'd never been to a fashion doll convention before, even though I only got to go to the dealers room briefly on saturday, everyone seemed nice and friendly. It was great to finally meet David (gogomomoko) and Rudi (R&D) who I'd been buying stuff from for so long!

      if you filled out a questionare on the Volks place, they gave you a free 1/6 base body/head! so my friends and I went over to Rudi's and got some adorable little outfits for our new babies. ^_^
      there were a couple (and I do mean a couple) of sellers that had ABJD stuff, one had really lovely school outfit sets and my friend Annie got one of those. I enjoyed admiring the Jenny and Momoko and Gene fashions from afar (i'm trying to be good and not buy more *L*) and a sweet lady gave me a lipstick couch! :D rad!
      Anyway, it was a nice time. ^_^ sorry we (Annie, Char and I) couldn't stay longer. I came out to visit Char, and we wanted to spend some good time with her since we don't get to see her that often. I hope everyone had fun! :)!
    9. I have some of my pictures up from IFDC.


      I loved having lunch with the Ball Joint fans - Sandi Duncan, Vicki, Rose, Annmarie, Karen Caviale, Gayle My friends Nikki and David came too.

      I did meet Aimee and her friends on Saturday and Pam from one of the yahoolists and Jerri from Florida.


      It was an incredible experience.

      Best wishes-
    10. man thanks so much for posting these Sher! makes me feel like I got to go to the rest of the con! Sorry I couldnt spend more time with everyone, it looks like you guys had a blast though! :D

      Thankyou so much!
    11. Thank you, Sherri, for the photos...what beautiful dolls, and it looks like a lovely time was had by all! I'm curious as to what that pink book on the SD Fans table is?

      I'm amazed at how much Isao went for! Was he particularly special to the IFDC in anyway? Or was he the standard Isao II doll?
    12. he looked like a standard Isao II to me, but perhaps someone else knows for sure ^_^..
    13. he looked like a standard Isao II to me, but perhaps someone else knows for sure ^_^..

      In the pitch during the Auction - Dorita said that he was the Isao pictured on the front the Haute Doll magazine. If I remember correctly - it is a Isao II.

      It was really exciting to see him go for such a great price. All the money went to the charity. I felt proud of Isao and of Volks.

      There is lots of interest in Volks now.

    14. That pink book is the scrapbook I made for the Super Dollfie Convention 2004. It was the first scrapbook I did so I was nerve wracked to display it! The night of the Artist Gallery -- Jim Faraone had placed the fan display right next to the Volks one so we (myself and the other SD fans- Rose, Annmarie, Vicki, Sandi) talked the entire time.

    15. Sher, it looks like you were a wonderful BJD ambassador! So cool to see the photos. Fun to see all the Spooky Chicks outfits!

      Did the people in the make-up class get a head and supplies? Oh, I so hope they have classes at the US store. And the Beauty Salon, I can just wonder what that little girl is thinking as the doll is being taken apart and put back together.

      I still can't get over they had those LE Dollfies for sale. And Isao! Wow! That's higher than buying him on Y!J

      Looks like everyone had alot of fun. :grin:

      edited to ask if anyone knows how much Ms. Jun went for? And did the lady in the pink top win her?
    16. I have known Becky a LONG time! I adore her work and plan to have Spookychicks Emily the Strange outfits for all my kids soon. :lol:

      No -- no head or supplies. Mikey did a demonstration only. And as excited as I was to see the Limiteds for sale - they did not even have any paint brushes or tools for sale in the sales room. Volks could only bring a few things due to all the shipping issues.

      That little girl was precious! she stood there watching the entire time they worked on her mom's doll.

    17. He was the standard Isao II. Both he and Jun went for over $3,300 each as I recall. Volks included a signed picture of both with each auction (Isao with Isao and Jun with Jun). I believe the reasons they went so high were:

      1) Super Dolllfie fever from earlier in the day
      2) Charity- a great cause Children Affected with Aids Foundation
      3) The extreme graciousness shown by Volks - conventioneers were impressed
      4) Come on - it's Jun and Isao - they're perfect

      But seriously - I think #2 was the driving factor. I was so tickled that Volks could see that their contribution made such a difference.

      What a great time this was. I can't wait till next year!

    18. How wonderful to hear both that so much money was raised for a good cause, and that Volks was well-received! Thank you Vicki, Sherri, Aimee, Gina, and Rose for the comments. ^_^ It would've been great to have been there, but hearing about it and seeing the photos is a good substitute.
    19. I was lucky enough to get to go to the makeup class. They didn't give out anything at the class, but we got to watch Mikey use various faceup techniques and ask lots of questions. It was incredibly informative for sure, and I feel very lucky to have got into the class.