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Last Call for NotDollLab's April Order.

Apr 3, 2007

    1. Please let us know by this Friday 4/27 what you want to order. We will also be ordering from Dollmore soon.
    2. Hi, can we order outfits on pre-order too?
    3. On your site on the cats with the new outfits on the overall eye size looks smaller the actual socket. Is that the case? or is that just a strange optical illusion due to you having put different eyes in? the whole face looks a bit different?
    4. Hi, I assume you're talking about Baha in the outfits on the main page? Those are the original eyes, we haven't changed anything. LMK if you were referring to something else.
    5. The eyes are original. We did not alter her in anyway. The picture of the dressed Baha we took ourselves, the other picture was taken by Pipos, the maker of Baha.
    6. Ok, I guess its just the makeup and the different eye color and size. thanks
    7. Yes, you can pre-order fashions too!
    8. when will the bahas arrive when we pre-order them?
    9. After I submit the order, which I would like to do before the middle of April, it will probably take about 3 weeks.
    10. can we order out of stock items or instock only
    11. Are you taking orders for the basic cat with no clothing version as well as the clothed?
      Is it cheaper without makeup? how much is the none clothed version? thank you
    12. We will be taking orders again for nude Baha shortly. She sells for $270. Baha without faceup will be available in the not-too-distant future, but I don't know yet what her price will be.