Event Last chance to enter Lottery for Tan Unoa Rowan

Sep 19, 2018

    1. Every year, UnoAlchemy works to create a very special release for Halloween. This year we invite all familiars and mystical creatures to join the party with our black cat Rowan!

      This limited release will be on a lottery basis, and there are only 20 full dolls available at this time. To enter the lottery, email us at [email protected] and let us know if you prefer Prim (open mouth), Metia (closed mouth), or either face if the one you want is not available. We will choose winners on September 20th, and payment is due in full within 5 days of winning.

      The options available are:

      Prim or Metia Cat Set: Includes full doll with default or decadent face, cat ears, bell collar, tail, and wig. Cost including shipping is ¥96,000

      Prim or Metia basic Set: Includes full doll with default or decadent face, stringing kit, wig, eyes. Cost including international shipping is ¥93,000

      Decadent face: Decadent face of either Metia or Prim. ¥7,500

      *Please note that if you enter the lottery and do not pay after winning, you will not be allowed to participate in special orders in the future.

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