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LAST DAY-ELF NOW ORDERING: LIMHWA Mano Elf/Half Elf, Human, Mono boys

May 4, 2008


      is proud to open a new ordering period
      through May 12, 2008
      for the following dolls:

      NEW Limhwa Limho Mano Elf 67cm male doll




      resin choices available: normal beige and beauty white urethane

      Limhwa Limho Mano (Human version) 67cm male doll


      Limhwa Half Elf, Human, Dreaming Half Elf and Eva.. 57cm female dolls
      normal beige and beauty white urethane available, very limited ordering for pinky white French resin this time.



      44cm Limho Mono, a mature mini boy
      Beauty white and normal beige urethane ordering now; tanned urethane and pinky white French resin not available this ordering period due to supply. We hope to add those two choices back next time.


      Limhwa ForYou, 43cm, small or large bust torso
      normal beige or beauty white urethane ordering
    2. Will the Limhwa Mano be available in pinky white french resin in the next ordering period? I was hoping for that resin for him
    3. 44cm Limho Mono, a mature mini boy
      Beauty white and normal beige urethane, tanned urethane and pinky white French resin not available this ordering period due to supply.

      Hi Catrina! Could you tell me what resin he will be available in? Thanks!
    4. Resin info:

      French resin will only be available for Limhwa girls, including their Dreaming Half Elf faces and high heeled feet.

      We are hoping to have tanned resin for Elf Mano in the next ordering period.

      Limho Mono is available this time around in beauty white and normal beige urethane resins. We hope to have French resin and tanned urethane available next time.

      Thanks for your questions
    5. oh thank you for reply, but will pinky french resin be available for Mano in the near future, or not at all?
    6. Yes it will be available again. It just take a lot of it to make one Mano, so she wants to wait until she can be sure there is enough to take care of all the Manos. Same goes for the tanned urethane, it just take so much to make one, they need a lot in stock to make them.
    7. Does Limhwa take small layaways? Thanks in advance:)
    8. Oh I see, thank you Catrina, I am definitely going to wait as long as it takes to get a Mano in French resin. I am in love with that glow I have seen it give off in photos. I hope it will be available in the next order period :) <3
    9. Kyliebee,
      We can start a layaway for you, but due to past experiences with people ordering custom dolls and then changing their minds... we decided we can only place your order with the artist when your doll is mostly paid off. Before then, we had a lot of orphans arriving which was kind of sad!

      Jadeness: I'm sure it will be back. We just have to build up her supply first, due to the large amounts needed to make just one Mano.

      Best wishes all. Thank you for supporting artist Limhwa.
    10. Bump for last day of Limhwa sale. Next one will be in five or six weeks, when this order ships out.

      The official Limhwa doll Yahoo group shows shipment information and you can ask any other question you have also: