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LAST DAY -Limhwa Birthday Sale+ Ebay OOAK+ NEW Video Updates on YOUTUBE NOW!

Aug 18, 2009

    1. [​IMG]


      More News: It's the last day of our Birthday Celebration for Limhwa Doll Korea and we're celebrating by auctioning off a OOAK beauty alabaster white Limhwa Foryou, which was the exact doll featured in Haute Doll magazine!
      Here she is:


      Link to her Ebay auction is here!

      And check out our studio's new You Tube Channel-- see the white ForYou live, as well as several dolls we body blushed and did mani-pedicures for here at Atelier Nouveau.
      If you want to subscribe to our channel, you'll get updates when we upload new videos!

      Limhwa Doll ordering will be open through September 7th- today is the last day!


      To celebrate Limhwa's BIRTHDAY, you will receive a FREE PAIR of HIGH HEEL FEET with all 57cm girl orders.
      This includes the famous Half Elf, Human, Eva, and new Luna girls. You can also order an optional Dreaming Half Elf if you own any of the other Limhwa girls.

      There will also be a FREE personal birthday party GIFT from Limhwa Doll Korea artist Jung Ji Youn for everyone in this ordering period.
      What is it? Shhhhh... right now it's a secret.
      ... hurry to the party to be on the special guest list for goodies and prizes.

      All dolls are available, in all resin options. Shipping will come direct from Korea for all dolls 57cm and up. Due to the strong dollar-Korean won exchange, the prices are low. Four resins are offered by Limhwa: pinky white French resin, tan, normal beige urethane and beauty white urethane.

      "Spa Services" Body Aesthetics are available through our US studio, Atelier Nouveau. The services include your choice of seam sanding, body blushing, manicure and pedicure. This includes newly ordered Limhwa dolls and dolls you have received in the past. Please contact us at service@dollfair.com for further details.
      You can see examples of our work on the studio's You Tube channel here
    2. I'm guessing this "all dolls" part does not include the 27cm ToYou line, since they were LE/have been discontinued, right?
    3. Hello Kiakotari--

      You are absolutely correct. The 27 cm ToYou was discontinued, because Limhwa felt she could not keep so many dolls in production.

      At one point, she was thinking of offering a special dressed limited tanned version, but it seems she got too busy with her big male dolls.

      I'll ask her about it again, just in case. Never know?

      Limhwa's birthday is Sunday and mine is Saturday. We always laugh about this. I told her I wanted to offer everyone the high heeled feet as a gift, and she jumped in saying she wanted to join in too and give away presents to all the customers. We're going to have fun with you guys, so let the party begin!
    4. Happy birthday Limhwa (and Catrina)!! :cake: And many more.

      Q: Is there an equivalent gift for boy doll orders? I don't think little Mono would look too sharp in high heels. XD
    5. Limhwa is putting together a gift she'll give to everyone... I'm not sure what it is so far.

      I can guarantee you it won't be high heeled feet for the boys though. She has never mentioned Frankenfurter to me. I suspect she's got some other ideas.

      :pcupcake :smallcake :pcupcakeThanks for the good wishes!
    6. Sorry if this is repetetive, but just to clarify - those who order any of the girls will get 2 gifts (Limhwa gift + feet), and those who order Mano/Mano Elf or Mono will get one (just Limhwa gift)?
    7. You are correct. :lol: Only the 57cm girls have the Free Pair of High Heel Feet available plus a surprise gift. So when you order your big girl we will automatically include the matching resin pair of high heel feet. You do not have to add anything else to your order form. :fangirl:
    8. Bump for our new video channel, where you can see recently-arrived dolls on their way through customization. Enjoy!!
    9. We had a few people who needed a bit more time to finish their orders, so we are happy to extend the Birthday Celebration for a couple more days thru Labor Day, September 7th.

      Everyone in the USA have a safe and happy holiday. We appreciate your enthusiastic response to Limhwa's sale. Please check out our updated videos showing bodyblushed dolls which we have customized. Note that they are not work-safe.
    10. Hi everyone,
      Today is the last day for Limhwa Doll Birthday sale pre-ordering.. www.limhwa.com
      Still offering free high heeled feet to all 57cm Limhwa doll girl orders, and everyone gets a special gift from artist Jung Ji Youn in Korea!

      And we have a special announcement--
      see our OOAK alabaster white ForYou featured in Haute Doll magazine, now on Ebay! You will get a copy of the magazine with a full-color one page feature photo of her.

      And we've updated our YouTube channel with photos of her.


      Thanks to all of Limhwa's friends for their love and support.