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May 29, 2008

    1. Great news from Limhwa Doll International:

      Introducing a tanned-only doll event...first time offerings in tanned resin
      for Mano Elf, Limhwa Half Elf, Human, Eva and Limhwa ForYou...


      Now through June 10, 2008 only at www.limhwa.com

      This is LeeAnn B's tanned Limho Mono, a 44.5 cm boy, in the same tanned resin we will be using. It's a lovely warm color, and photographs beautifully.

      All dolls sculpted and painted by the one and only Jung Jiyoun.

      She wishes you all a happy, healthy and enjoyable summer.:aheartbea

      Discussion threads:
      tanned mature mini boy, Limho Mono 44.5cm here

      New tanned Limhwa 57 girls discussion here
    2. Is the Limho Mono going to be offered in tan resin during the period as well? *is hopeful*
    3. Catrina, will there be any pre-order photos of the Limhwa faces in tan?
      thanks, M
    4. To answer questions:

      Aiowen: Yes, the 44cm Mono is now available in tanned resin.

      Orders can be taken through June 10. We have changed the web site to accept only tanned orders.. because we aren't sure if we can offer them in every ordering period in the future.

      MHdolls: There are no photos of the Limhwa girls yet in tanned resin or the Mano Elf. They will be made for the first time in this order, after which time we hope to have some photos of them tanned. We hope to offer tanned dolls again this year, but are not sure when it can happen due to the short supplies of some resins.

      I'll try to post some pics of the tanned Limho Mano tomorrow.

    5. Do you plan on making another 1/6 doll like ToYou?
    6. Hello, thank you for your question.

      The ToYou was discontinued, as Limhwa has begun making so many new larger dolls. I don't think she will be making any more new dolls in that size, but she does enjoy painting 1/6 dolls such as Licca for fun.

      I think Limhwa's next project will be definitely not human.:fangirl:

    7. Have you tested or know if the resin for yellowing or staining, esp because of sun? ^^; Also, does the joints "chaff" creating the tanned resin to chip or fade?
    8. Bump for last day in this tanned Limhwa sale!

      Thank you very much for your support!

      P.S. I am out of town now working on doll production.:fangirl: If you have any questions, please contact my staff at: service@dollfair.com rather than PM'ing me on DOA. If you need assistance placing your LImhwa order, we will allow orders to go through tomorrow while we are compiling the order. Thanks.