last/most recent doll purchase?

Apr 12, 2020

    1. very curious to know what everyones most recent doll purchase was and when you made the purchase! mine was a secondhand volks f31 msd about 2 days ago ^^’ sometimes you just can’t help it haha.
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    2. Mine was a secondhand Latidoll Yern and now I'm waiting for the S hooks I ordered to come in so I can put her back together.
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    3. My last purchase was a Dollshe Saint head way back in January I am currently trying to sort out a new wig for him and some new clothes :3
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    4. Mine was April Story 1+1 event in March 6th and waiting them to come to me.
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    5. I legit can’t wait to see your Mnf Chloe and midi together! Cuddly nuggets unite :D

      I purchased my last bjd, minifee Chloe, on March 7th she has a little starter pack and I already know my MDD is plotting to torment her smh :roll:
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    6. My most recent doll was my Cuarto Hecate, received March 29, 2019. She was meant to be the last doll to complete my family. So far so good!
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    7. aww that’s so sweet thank you so much, i can’t wait either i’m so excited to see them together :whee:
      and i’m excited to see your chloe and midis together as well! :dance chloe is such a sweet, adorable sculpt :chibi

      happy for you that you have more restraint than me :sweat my feeple60 chloe that i have on layaway was supposed to be my last one but then i saw the volks girl and i couldn’t resist, but i really want for her to be one of my last dolls for a while, i am trying not to have too many so i can play with them for a semi-even amount of time
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    8. I totally wanted to make a thread like this to get some happy vibes going ^__^ thankies for the new incoming dolly thread.

      I'm so happy for everyone who posted already. Awesome purchases for sure~♡

      As for me. Well, I ordered a Luts Baby Delf at the end of February and that should've been it. I was super excited for them, still am actually.

      However something not so fun happened to the whole world in the meantime and I figured I should live in the moment and enjoy life now and not later.

      So now I kind of feel guilty because I also have both a Villitunes Loppi-Moon and a Villitunes Mizuki coming home. :lol: Did I say guilty? I also meant extremely bouncy and excited. I've been eyeing and wanting these Villitunes cuties since 2014...

      The little Mizuki is preloved so I'm a little anxious about her making it to my house alright but she'll be such a wonderful distraction for our family.

      I can't wait to read what others have coming to them :3
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    9. I just preordered PashaPasha Nerve, it'll be a long wait to get her but I'm excited - she now comes with flat and heeled feet.
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    10. Just ordered and received an adorable secondhand DearMine Marie yosd from a post on Instagram. I was starting to worry I had made a poor decision in buying her, like it was too impulsive, but now that I have her I am in love! So happy I bought her, she's absolutely adorable. Even bought some wigs for her and waiting for them in the mail. Now I have an MSD and YOSD, I believe!
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    11. My most recent came in about a month ago... He was an eBay impulse buy.
      A first-release Lati Red Adel in great shape, listed for a very reasonable price. No way was I passing that up. :lol:

      So, Ferrian came to join Solomon and Kage, my other first-release Adel and my second-release Mystic. It was an unexpected bit of luck, given how rare those older Adels are. There were only ten of them made in that first batch, and now my gang includes two of them.

      (Mr.Bright asked me if I was going to try to find and collect the other eight and I said no. Two of them plus a Mystic is quite enough, I think.)
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    12. I ordered a Switch Gyoha head secondhand last month. I have him on a small layaway and will be making the final payment this month. I hadn't planned on buying another resin item as I currently am waiting on a few dolls. However, he is such a beautiful sculpt and I couldn't resist. So excited! :celebrate
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    13. I’m happy for a thread like this. I love hearing about all the dollies everyone has coming in!

      I have A LOT of incoming dolls and recent purchases. I feel like there were a lot of doll releases I’ve been waiting for this year and good sales/ limited editions from last year.

      My last order was this morning! I took the plunge and ordered a Soom Neo Angelregion Humpty Dumpty. I’ve been admiring him for a few years so I took the plunge.

      Just a few weeks ago, on March 16th , I also ordered a LUTS Tiny Delf Jack and a lot of wigs during their sale. And then I also added a Resinsoul Yu (14 cm girl) to my existing order (Resinsoul Twilight and Xun) since the order was taking so long.

      I’m probably gonna need to take a long break from buying, since now I have 9 incoming dolls. Lol! But in my defence I suddenly had a lot of cash due to all summer conventions and events being cancelled in my city. So no anime/doll cons, amusement parks, food festivals, markets and Drinking festivals to deplete my wallet.:whee:
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    14. I have a doll YouTube channel that earns money (read: "I have to pay taxes on"), so I am able to mark doll purchases used in videos as business expenses.

      Right now I have two MYOU 28 cm Special Girl bodies, a Doll Chateau Snowborn head, a Resinsoul male MSD body, a secondhand RingDoll Tang Ge, a Doll Zone / Island Doll YOSD hybrid, and two off-topic (legit) BJDs incoming. I also have an order of S hooks coming in a couple of weeks from now.
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    15. My last received order was my Ohmi - a Soom Auber. The very last purchase/order of mine is a Doll Chateau Julianne. I'm still waiting on a Dollshe 55cm Bermann. These are probably the last I will purchase for a long time. Funds are depleted and not likely to replenish for a while. I haven't seen anyone that sparks my fancy recently, anyway (outside the Myou mature tinies... but those can wait!).
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    16. my feeple60 that i currently have on layaway wasn’t too much of an impulse purchase because i’ve been wanting a feeple60 chloe for quite a while, but my f31 msd was a SUPER impulse purchase and i feel really worried about if i made the right choice because it was like an impulse purchase like “i have never even seen this sculpt before and when i saw the listing i fell in love after seeing her and looking into the sculpt more”.
      but i’ve been wanting a volks girl because of how timeless and classic they look to me and i know i truly want this doll so badly because she’s exactly what i was looking for, so i’m trying not to feel guilty or like i made a bad decision because everyday i look at other owners’ photos of this sculpt and just get so happy and excited and fall even more in love with how adorable she looks. and she gives me warm fuzzies just from pictures and i haven’t even received her yet so i can’t even imagine how i’ll feel when she arrives.
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    17. An absolutely stunning K-Doll KeiD head with a faceup by tianba0830. The most I have ever spent on a head, especially on impulse. But the second I saw him I was like "welp, there goes $430". I was instantly in love. No regrets.
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    18. I bought a Migidoll Yujin head secondhand last week and am waiting for him to get home. <3 My sister traded me a Migidoll body yesterday so I'm hoping he'll be all together by the end of the week!

      I'm also waiting on a Doll Legend Xu Yao that I ordered in December. He should have been home by now, but with the delay in everything, I'm expecting him in May or June. I can't wait! I've already bought so much stuff for him.
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    19. about a week ago i put my first pukifee on a 3 month layaway with denverdoll! I got a cony, im really excited!
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    20. Ever since I got my first Soom Neo-angel Region Humpty-Dumpty about 2-1/2 years ago I've been hoping to see a brown one. I've followed Soom on facebook and messaged them about it but didn't think it would really happen, so I had no hesitation in ordering the "Tawny" Humpty-Dumpty in their current Special Event!

      I was actually hovering over my keyboard just waiting for that order button to activate.

      @Kiki Happy , Congrats on giving in to the egg! I think he's magical.
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