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Last Tensiya DO Bermann release - Preparing

Feb 5, 2008

    1. Tensiya has a teeny teaser pic up, Luis Doberman is coming.
      Hold on to your hats! *_*
    2. what do you mean by "last'" Bermann?
    3. Oh god no! This is the worst timing ever for me! XD
    4. Bermann is limited. Anu posted a while ago that she was releasing 66 (i think) open eyed bermanns and 33 SA bermanns in batches.

      This is the last of the limited run.
    5. I think it's 77 DO (open eyed) and 33 SA (dreaming eyed) in total. And yes, after this last release no more Bermanns will be made, you'll only be able to buy them second-hand.

      Here's a link to Tensiya if you want to see the teaser. From what I can see it looks like it's going to be a Bermann in uniform.
    6. Oh snap. Hang on to your hats is right folks~!
    7. It,s never the good time... ah well more pictures of him will be posted after the holiday
    8. Cannot wait to see this boy! I'm sure he will be awesome! I wonder if the dog will come with him?
    9. D: I need to sell like half my dolls now. I just boguht a Breakaway but dammit if I'm not going to have the money on the ever so slim chance I finally get one. ;~;
    10. I wonder if Anu is going to take "bids" again for this one. :\ Blah. I'd like to have a chance, just once.

    11. I figured that would happen as they sent the shipping notices for Il Milione around when DoA was down ;) and they always announce the new one right after they ship the last one.
    12. Well since DoA was down and no one else would have known Il Milione shipped... I guess it's a bit of a surprise to the rest of us.
    13. I did mention the shipping notices and possibility of a new Bermann on the other general BJD forum, since this one was down, but in any event it's a surprise to me too since the teaser wasn't officially up till now and they didn't give any hints.
    14. Me too! It's not like I had a chance anyway, but I would hope she isn't taking bids again either, though I can't imagine a fair way to distribute them myself. @.@
    15. Ahh..the last release; wish I had a chance.
    16. How does the whole Bermann process work anyway? Is it a lottery like Volks does for Dolpa items? Please educate me. TIA!
    17. It's been different every time. :)
    18. Scissorhand - unfortunately we can't tell you as Tensiya has done it a little differently every time. They used to just have everyone send an e-mail at a certain time by the World Clock, and the first 11 e-mails got a doll, but last time they did something different and asked people to say what they were willing to pay up to a certain amount ($2000) and promise not to resell the doll. Then Tensiya just chose people from the group of 2000 dollar bidders and didn't say how they selected.

      It's really up in the air what they will do this time, so just keep watching for their instructions and following the threads.
    19. I am so glad I got over my Bermann lust. Good luck to those who try for him!
    20. What have been the prices on previous Bermann releases?

      EDIT: Nevermind. I am looking at dropping about a grand if I want one... Hmmmm..... Tax refund is on the way...