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Update *Last two days*Impldoll New Free Event Doll .@^_*@

Sep 5, 2010

    1. Dear all customers ~

      Thank you for your continued support.we are happy to let you know Impldoll first anniversary coming soon..@^_*@ we have gift for you~

      September 10 ~ October 10 Customers who buy products worth more than $300(not including shipping) from our website. You will get the one free event baby doll ( Cyril or Greta ). You will get two free baby dolls if you order more then $600.it canaccumulated.
      Please add the Free baby doll Cyril or Greta to your shopping cart when you order.Please
      select the option if you want make up / body blushing or other stuff.Don't Miss this chance~:)

      - Greta's body bulishing~

      - Cyril's body bulshing~

    2. Would it be possible to purchase either Greta or Cyril on their own, or will they strictly be available as an event promotion? :>

      Also, are there joints just above Cyril's hooves, or are his fantasy legs one solid piece?
    3. Can we have the hooves added to the tiny girl body instead of the bird feet?
    4. Ok, I'm dumb... what is Cyril supposed to be? A Dragon??
    5. Yes,you can have the hooves added to the tiny girl body instead of the bird feet

      you can buy this Greta or Cyril separately.^^

      You got it.A little Dragon.@^_^@
    6. Will Greta be limited?
    7. I was wondering if you could get the free doll in gray skin if you payed a little bit extra?
    8. Hi,Greta is not limited~

      Hi,The gray skin need to pay $20.There are options on our website.:D
    9. Australian customers, Indollgence will be open for orders of any ImplDoll items! They're slowly appearing on the Indollgence website, but if you want something that's not shown, please just ask, we probably haven't gotten to load it yet!

    10. Hi all friend~

      Impldoll New Free Event Doll for the Anniversary Beginning.please enjoy. *\(^_^)/*
    11. okay so another question will this event be with dealers also or just through the impldoll site?
    12. Hi,the event also be with delers.^^
    13. Update:

      We have last two days for the event.Don't miss the last chance.:D