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Latest Issue of Dollicieux is up

Apr 3, 2006

    1. Hi all

      I just wanted to announce the latest issue of Dollicieux is up!!


      Hope you get a chance to check it out and enjoy it :)

    2. The sender of the "quiet bird" picture is me, Algesiras. I'm not sure why you lost my name, but I'm happy you guys liked the picture. ^^

      This issue of Dollicieux is amazing. Great job, really.
    3. help, I keep getting last issue from the link
    4. Algesiras - I'm so sorry :( Your name was there but the code was making it disappear. It has been fixed now!

      Mel - I hope you like the pictures we chose of Roberta :) She has so many beautiful looks.

      Grael - try going to the page and hit your f5 key or refresh?! That may help. Or you can access the page at www.dollicieux.com/vol1iss8/index.html

      Thank you to everyone for the kind comments :) We're really happy with this issue and I'm glad to hear it's being enjoyed!