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Latest Kaede relese date...

Oct 28, 2004

    1. Hello,
      I am posting this message in multiple forum, though it is a bad news, but i think we should keep everyone informed.

      Volks will be releasing their Kaede from 28 November onwards!

      (please do not scream at me or Domuya....)

      I understand the frustration on always getting the "delay" news, but i hope all can be patient on this. What we can do on our side is to ship out them out the same day when they hit Domuya. This is our promise...

      But please do allow a week buffer for them to travel from Japan to Singapore.

      Once again, sorry for the disappointment.

      Regards and peace

      "please do not flame me :P"
    2. Oops sorry, please pardon me on the wrong post, after we post the thread, we reconfirm with Japan on the shipping arrangement in Nov (trying to shipped out direct), our Japan side inform us a typo mistake :P

      Actually, Kaede are ready to be release and ship to us.

      We will getting 90% of the stock first (so we will allocate base on "first order first serve" basis). remaining of the 10% (second pre-order customer), we will get it a while later(shouldnt be too long)

      Please allow us about 10-14 days (plus or minus) to receive the shipment (1st pre-order).

      We will send an email after all packages are allocated to courier :)

      And we will ring up the local customer for self collection once we receive the shipment. (Please do not ambush Domuya every day for them :P)
      Finally, we can sleep in peace :P
    3. :::squeels:::

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jacky & Candy!

      You guys are the best!!!

      Lia (doing the happy dance) :D :D :D
    4. Yeay! Thankyou so much Domuya! Sorry you had to deal with so many people emailing you so often! It must keep you very very busy!! We appreciate your service, I can't wait to get my Kaede! Thankyou so much for making it possible!
    5. :D Wheeeeeee! Volks is in the process of shipping Kaede right now! They are being shipped in the same order in which the orders were received...

      I know that I am not the first on the list, as I ordered her in September, but now it is only a matter of time before she arrives.... I am SOOO excited!
    6. I got my shipping notice from Domuya, so hopefully everyone will be getting theirs soon! :D

      thanks so much, domuya!!
    7. Yayyy!!! Hopefully I'll be getting mine soo too, then!

    8. Aimee, just out of curiosity (and fee free to tell me I'm being too nosey!), what was your order date for Kaede? I ordered on July 28, and my order number is 1531, so I'm thinking it might be awhile before I receive my shipment notice, especially since I ordered the day before the first preorder period closed.

    9. Hi! I ordered mine about the same time as you I think,... so I'm guessing that most of them will be coming in soon but it's hard to know! It's hard to wait isn't it? :)
    10. Hi all,

      I'm getting my Kaede from another member here who ended up with two by happy accident, so I have no idea what the order number, or if that equals the number out of the edition. Does anyone here know how big Kaede's edition is? I'm just curious. Not that it really matters, she could be one out of a million, I know I'm gonna luv her! :D

      Hugs, Juli DC :grin:
    11. Kaede was sold on a "made to order" basis, so as many people who wanted her were able to order her as long as it was during the various preorder periods.

    12. Thanks, Amiee--it's just kind of nerve wracking that I haven't gotten my shipping notice too, then. I've got my fingers crossed that maybe I'll get mine today! Sometimes I think the waiting is *twice* as hard once you know it's getting closer to shipping time!

      Biting my nails ...
    13. Hi Lia,

      Thanks for answering me, I was just curious. :wink: And I know what you mean about the waiting being more difficult the closer she is, mine just arrived at the home of the person I'm getting her from, but of course I won't have her for another little while. Oh the sweet agony!!! Arghhhh! :lol: Hope you have your Kaede with you soon! :daisy

      Best, Juli DC :grin:
    14. :::snifflesigh:::

      Just heard from Domuya on my order:

      Dear Lia,
      I am really sorry, I just checked through the order list, actually you just missed by 1 order :P But please do not worry, our next batch of Kaede will be shipped out by 9th or 10th Nov 2004. This batch will clear all customers that placed their pre-order on the last 2 day of the 1st pre-order period. (28th July and 29th July).


      By *one* order, dang it!!! So, it'll be another week, I guess, or even a little more. Aahh, well ... once she's here at last, I know the wait will be more than worth it.


    15. Yes it will you gunna be IN LOVE! :D
    16. Well my Kaede arrived just as the site was down - and I so wanted to share. She is everything that Aimee said and more! I have her sitting and watching me work - reminds me why I do work lol. But she is great. Those of us lucky enough to get her will be very happy!!!
    17. Congrats Susieq!

      Its so nice to hear that you love your Kaede too! Please post pix when you can! I'll be sending off the last payment on mine in a few days, and hope to have her well before Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, I've set aside all kinds of little props and goodies for that I hope will be in scale with her. Congrats again!

      Hugs, Juli DC :D
    18. Can somebody please tell me what kind of eyes are Kaede's default eyes? What size, what color? Are they glass or acrylic?

      Thanks in advance...
    19. 16 mm HG Glass Gray eyes