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Update Latest on Soom Idealian

Oct 14, 2009

    1. Hi there. I'm sorry to those who have been waiting for SOOM's new IDEALIAN doll, but it seems you're going to have to wait a bit longer.

      This announcement popped up when I randomly decided to check out the Idealian site a few minutes ago;

      Link to the site; http://dollsoom.co.kr/soom/idealian.html

      (If this is unnecessary and doesn't belong here, I apologize.)
    2. I didn't even see any offered to order. Where's the discussion thread!!
    3. Since the discussion thread was closed, I'm posting here for anyone that was still interested in knowing the fate of Idelian. I asked Soom the status of Idelian re-release:

      Dear customer,

      Before anything, thank you for showing abiding interest in Idelian.
      But I regret to tell you that we don't have any plan to re-release them in the near future.
      I am so sorry for disappointing you.

      If you have any other questions, please contact me at anytime.

      Best regards,

    4. Damn. I wish I knew what they consider "near future" D:

      Does anyone knows if they actually sold a single doll at least?

      (and why the heck the discussion thread was closed? I'm sure there's enough ppl curious about it and keeping an eye on the issue development)

      For now, it smells like a 2011 release...
    5. I think you might have misread it, it sounds more like they mean they don't have any plans in the immediate future to release it (in less kind terms, to never release it), rather than they don't plan to release it in the near future.
    6. They did sell a few..but refunded money. I bought mine in full and was refunded what I paid for it.

      Jin Lee said in an email right afterwards they thought they were going to release him early in 2010.
    7. I read it right, and I actually believe they will release it, just don't have previsons on specific dates, given their work in progress.

      They have the molds, the whole concept, a good internal system to select buyers from what I could read in the IDealian site when there were the texts and explanations and store alredy, they have no reason why "never release", it's just gonna be a long time in development.

      Thank you so much for sharing this information!
      But I still don't expect to be so early (although i'd like to be wrong! xD)

      I'm sorry for the trouble you had, wish you luck when they come back!
    8. Considering the language issues at work, it's pretty fair to read it either way: "never", or "we don't have a release date planned".

      Personally, I'm accepting the former as a possibility, and hoping for the latter. ;)
    9. Well english is not my language (and Soom language neither XD ) I personally read in this written words:

      that they will never release him -.- probably they changed their mind or something is happened.... I don't know.
      It is a pity that the wonderful IDealian is abandoned... I still think I never seen a vampire so well done as him (and I owned several vampires).
      Well I can still hope... I bought him on his release (and received my money back) and I could buy him again... I hope Soom will change his mind.
    10. This is actually a pretty common type of response from various doll companies, basically meaning "we don't know yet" or "we don't have a specific plan yet." I wouldn't read too much into the wording, as that's what I'm guessing it means, rather than "we have a plan for after the near future" or "we know now we'll never release it again" or what have you.
    11. Thia is what Jin Lee wrote to me on the 17th of december:
      Secondly, we don't have any plan to release Id-Ealian again in the near future.
      I am sorry for disappointing you.

      Near future, wonder how long that is :(
    12. Snowleopard, that discussion thread to which you linked is coming up as locked. Can it be unlocked, or is it all right to make a new discussion thread (as I am not sure why it was locked). Thank you.
    13. I've opened the discussion thread. :)
    14. I heard from Soom today, regarding Idealian, and thought I should share-- sounds like Idealian may be coming fairly soon (crosses fingers):

      Hello, thanks for contacting us.

      First of all, I apologized that lately reply.
      Also, thank you so much for your deep interesting in our doll.

      We are preparing to newly release the Idealian, plz kindly wait for little more.
      WE will NOTICE that on our board ASAP.

      Thanks a lot,
      Have a good day!

      Best regards,
      Jin Lee
    15. Idealian website is back up and running.
      There's a marketing plan up as well for 2010.

    16. OMG how exciting!!!!!!!! I was heartbroken when they stopped his sale....
      His hand looks really nice but not sure how I feel about his chest (?)
      Still it's really good news!!
      edit: Soom is trying to kill me, aren't they?!?! March 19th to April 7th
      Has anyone read their terms of service for Idealian? :?

    17. url? i cannot find