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lati blue boys, what clothes can they wear?

May 4, 2007

    1. i plan on getting a lati boy, only i have no idea of what clothes fit him!
      do regular msd sized clothes fit him? Narin/unoa boys stuff? and what about shoes?
      thanks, luckycharm
    2. I've found that MSD shoes which fit just fine. Pants fit in the waist but are too short for their long legs. Loose/baggy shirts should fit, but Narin/Unoa boys stuff will probably be too small.

      I have a Ryu/Rucas and I take commissions--just so you know. ;)
    3. There is so much problems with his clotes then ... U_U... I am in love with this model but im triying to afford a Red lati because of the clothes problem...
    4. there is any pants which fit the muscular body?
    5. I've found that most MSD sized shirts fit well, on both bodies. The muscular body isn't SO much larger than the slender one and with baggier tshirts like the ones Volks produces for their minis, they fill the shirts out wonderfully.

      I've yet to find a pair of mini shoes that won't go on my Lati blue boy, and I've tried everything from Dollheart to the inexpensive sneakers from Dollmore, to Luts and Volks shoes.

      Pants can be a bit of an issue. The Lati Blue boys are more slender and longer legged than other minis. A few seamstresses produce custom pants for these gorgeous guys. I sell them on my thread here on DoA.


      Just a note - both the slender and muscular versions of the Lati Blue boys have the same measurements for waist, hips and legs. Only the upper torso is different. So they wear identical pants sizes.
    6. Oh! thanks for the answer i was kind of desesperate ^_^; I really love this doll even more than the Red Lati... but i didnt want a doll that i cant dress. And since it will be my first doll... I get confused easily XD

      PD. I would like to see your clothes but i do not have acces on that section by the way. I will look for them when i can ^^