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Lati Blue - Clothes and shoes Information Thread

Mar 24, 2010

    1. This thread is for information about shoes and clothes that fit/ do not fit the Lati Blue boys and girls.

      Information that is nice to include when posting here:

      Gender Are the items for boy or girl, unless obvious.
      Brand Links are always appreciated!
      Item Again, links are cool.
      Fits? Perfect / okay / not at all. If it's not a good fit, let us know why (too baggy, too tight etc).

      Feel free to add any information you'd like!

      Given by Latidoll, not my measurements.

      Blue body size(A type)
      - Muscular Pictures

      height : 46 cm
      neck : 8.5 cm
      head : 6.5~7 inch
      bust : 20 cm
      west : 16.5 cm
      pelvis : 18.4 cm
      hip : 20 cm
      arm (to the wrist) : 14.5 cm
      west~ankle : 27 cm
      foot : 6 cm

      Blue body size(B type) Pictures

      height : 46 cm
      neck : 8.5 cm
      head : 6.5~7 inch
      bust : 19.7 cm
      west : 16.5 cm
      pelvis : 18.4 cm
      hip : 20 cm
      arm (to the wrist) : 14.5 cm
      west~ankle : 27 cm
      foot : 6 cm

      Girls Pictures
      height : 43cm
      Head : 18.6cm
      neck : 7cm
      bust : 17.3cm
      west : 12.5cm
      hip : 18.6cm
      arm : 12.3cm
      west~ankle : 25cm
      foot : 5.2cm

      Let's try to refrain from chatting too much in this thread. If you feel like talking about our wonderful Blues, we have the cosiest chat thread here.
    2. Okay, I'll start! Here is just a few from the top of my head.

      Sugardollshop Link
      Seller on Etsy.

      She has a Lati Blue girl, so all her MSD clothes fits. Items I have bought from her includes stockings, knitted hoods and a knitted top.

      Dale Rae Link

      I have tried the flats and they fit perfectly without socks. It is possible to use with thin socks as well.
    3. Thanks for starting this thread, Lorentine! I can only add that for the boys, Marsh makes her sexy leather pants for them :) And you can also get her pants for the girls, as I'm quite sure what fits minifee girls fits Lati Blue girls.

      What would really help this thread is a list of measurements. They don't seem to include them on the site, or else the information is very hard to find. So that would be nice to add at in the first post for both boys and girls :)

      Also want to add, you can pretty much assume results in the slim mini shoe thread will be applicable to Lati blue girls :)
    4. Clothes that do not fit the Lati Blue boys are the Volks MSD size clothes. These boys are just bigger and are between the Volks MSD and SD size for Volks. I bought clothes from Lati for my blue boy.

      For the Lati Blue Girls the Volks MSD size clothes are too bigt in the waist. If you don't care for exact fit the shirts are loose on them. I have a couple of Volks outfits for my Cara.
    5. the Lati Blue girls can share clothes with most slim mini sized girls. The most popular girls in this size are Unoa and MNF. Blue girls are a bit slimmer than Unoa. I have found that Mio jeans do not fit but Brennil jeans are perfect.

      DOA seamstresses Shayi and bperry042 have Lati Blue boys and have sewn for them. some nine9style clothing fits them. Personally I have found the sleeves a bit short and tight, even in the short sleeves, to be in scale for a man. I have a Volks made tee shirt that fits him. I have clothes from Lati as well.

      The blue boys and girls wear 6-7" inch wigs. I've found that Yern and Rucas have smaller heads and can not fill the deeper wig caps of many wig companies. I recommend silicone wig caps. My Yern wears a mohair wig from Joyce West and my Rucas wears a Kemper wig that fit perfectly. My other Yern wears a Monique Gold Label wig that has the size issue but its definitely better than Leeke.
    6. First off, I just want to thank Lorentine for starting this thread! THANK YOU! :)

      Sorry if this is a silly question, but I have always been unsure what Lati meant in their measurements when they said "west," I always just assumed it was a typo for waist... is that right?

      Also, sspearls mentioned having fitting issues with the Leekeworld wigs? I planned on purchasing a LR 6-6.5 one this weekend for my Rucas... Is that a bad idea? I do plan on getting a wigcap for him as well if that makes a difference, as I know those wigs stain.

      And finally, my contribution to this thread: I heard that Diverse Designs makes pants and shirts that are long enough to fit the blue boys. I haven't bought any of their pants yet, but I did buy Ryu a long sleeved shirt from them and I LOVED it! The shirt was definitely tight on him (it shows off his muscles very nicely) but it was the perfect length in the waist and arms. My Ryu also has the muscular type body, so its worth noting that their clothes probably wont be as tight on the less muscular version. These clothes are also very nice quality... if anyone wants pics to see the fitting of the shirt let me know and I'll try to post some.

      Heres the link to Diverse Designs:
    7. it's not necessarily a bad idea to buy a Leeke wig, and it will stay on with a wig cap but they don't fill the wigs and the bangs and they don't look in scale to me. but you might have better luck than I do.
    8. I know 9style has been mentioned here before but I think it was only discussed for the boys. Does anyone have an idea of how their clothes fit on the girls? Are they baggy? Does the waist fit them?
    9. I'll second sspearls on kemper wigs, they're nice and shallow, so they don't hit the ears for the blue boys, I bet they'd be great!

      I think the girls are pretty much the same size as all the slim minis (am I wrong?) so nine9style should fit perfect. When you say nine9style fits the boys, do you mean the mini size stuff? How about the jackets? OMG, I want to get my Rucas a leather jacket so badly!
    10. Great to hear 9Style will most likely fit the girls too, they have so much good stuff! I havent bought very much from them for Ryu, but I did buy him a jacket and it fit him like a dream. Im not sure if pics are intended or not in this thread, but to give you an idea of the fit...

      (I can remove this later, if people rather not have photos)
    11. Please don't remove pictures, they're very helpful. Normally pictures are very much wanted in this kind of thread! That jacket is awesome! Oh wow, oh man, I might have to save money for one of those leather jackets :doh
    12. 9Style is definitely nice quality and worth the money. Also, I mentioned diverse designs before as a good seller, the grey striped shirt Ryu is wearing under the jacket is one of theirs, as you can see although its definitely tight on the muscular body, its not too short in the arm and waist area and fits really nicely!
    13. Awesome, I know of both, and keep looking at DD's stuff, just never have cash (had to use it all on Rucas!) But eventually I'll stop it with the dolls and concentrate on wardrobes, LOL :D
    14. Thank you veru much for this topic!!!
    15. I bought a iplehouse Jid white boot. they have very similar size feet, so i think all jid girls shoes would fit lati blue.

      it fited my liti blue girl perfectly!

      I also got her ruby shoes and it fit her very well.
      i know this shoes here fit well too(my friend got one for her lati blue:
    16. Yay! I'm glad 9style clothes fit blue boys! I think he can share clothes with my Iple boys...but it might be a bit loose. I'll try the clothes on him when he finally comes home in a week or two.

      Has anyone tried the clothes from Tata's on the boys?
    17. Just ordered my Lati Blue boy but he will need pants. Can anyone tell me the waist hips, and length of leg measurements?