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Lati Blue girls.. unoa clothings?

Feb 23, 2007

    1. HEllo!!

      I really wish to get a lati blue girl when lati restocks but i would love to know if her body fits unoa clothings..

      Or does anyone know if lati blue girls fit which type of clothing best? I want her, need her but i don't want her to be sitting there with no new clothes. hahaha

      Thanks for reading !
    2. I have a Lati Blue Cara and have some Unoa clothing form Softly She Walks that fits her beautifully. I think it even says on Lati's site in the FAQ somewhere that Unoa and MNF clothing will fit Cara pretty well.
    3. aaah cindy ^^ are you going to get a lati blue? eeeeeep :)
    4. Where exactly do you get U-noa clothing. I've been looking around and keep finding fan sites but no official sites.
      pweese can i have a clue?