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Lati Blue (Wig size?)

Mar 2, 2008

    1. I ordered my Lati blue Cara the other day, and wanted to order her a wig. What size is best? Thanks! :)
    2. Your girl's measurements are here:

      Lati Blue Size female
      height : 43cm
      Head : 18.6cm
      neck : 7cm
      bust : 17.3cm
      west : 12.5cm
      hip : 18.6cm
      arm : 12.3cm
      west~ankle : 25cm
      foot : 5.2cm

      It says her head size is 18.6 cm - divide that by 2.54 to convert to inches and you get 7.32 inches. That would imply she needs a 7-8 wig. But wait until some lati owners answer for sure.

    3. my shaina has too a 6.5 wig but Censya has smaller head so I supouse around 6 !
    4. I'm bumping this up! I'll be getting a Lati Kahn soon and i would like to know the wig size before i get him. i found a Msd wig on LUTs that i want REALLY bad but now i'm afraid it will be to big. Help me out please!
    5. MSD wig will definitely be too big on a Rucas, who has one of the smaller heads.

      You want a 6-7 inch wig - things that are marketed for Unoa/Narae/Yo SD.

      I got a Honey Delf wig from Luts for my Rei and it fits perfectly. For any other questions you may have, please see the Lati Blue Line thread. For example, the wig question has been answered many times, with links to good websites to buy from.
    6. Kahn has a pretty small head. 6-7 inch wigs will do the trick.
    7. I have a standard 1/4 size fur wig on my Rucas head and it's a tiny bit big but not really noticeably so. It stays on fine (with moleskin and a rubber band under it). I could trim the back part a bit and it would look even better, but I haven't got around to it yet. I also have a 6-7 Monique wig that fits him, snugly. I haven't tried a 7-8 fiber wig on him yet, but the 1/4 size fur wigs I've tried all worked well enough.
    8. I have a Latiblue Rucas and a Latiblue Mystic Kahn. I agree with the above posters including Sint about Kahn have a smaller head.

      When I bought Rucas from Lati I also purchased the default wig -- it is a lovely wig but it is big! I use a silicon wig cover underneath to keep it from sliding around his head.

      Believe on not Kahn's head is even smaller! Here is a pic with him wearing a burgandy color Narin wig. Not many of my dolls can do that.


      This being said, I believe the smaller head size contributes to the "maturity" of the Latiblue male molds. Dollmore Momo's head is much larger -- he wears a 7-8 wig size.

      Hope this helps!
    9. I have 2 Yerns and a Rucas and they all wear 6-7. I have problems with wigs for them because they have such peanut heads. The back of their heads are smaller than average so it doesn't fill the wig cap as well.