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LaTi Christmas Elves!

Nov 22, 2007

    1. LaTi Christmas Elf pics are up! The 20 cm one is tan, and the 16 cm one is normal skin! They are so cute!
      Sorry, I don't know how to get the pic on this thread.
    2. I wonder how much they will be^^ I want one!! ^^
    3. They are so cute :)
    4. I want both. Heck I want 2 of each so I can get the normal and mystic head for each! But then I'd have to get one into my shopping cart let alone 2 and that is unlikely to happen since I can only seem to get limiteds on the second hand market. That doesnt mean I wont be trying. so very cute.
    5. So cute! Me want!!!!!!
      I really adore the 16cm one!!!!! So beautiful :D
      But 20cm is also very cool and I prefer that size better!
      They're coming up while I'll be at work - or will I? I wonder what time zone they're using.
    6. Those are very pretty :D Im glad im not into lati though, to big heads for me :)
    7. I'm sad. I was waiting for something very different :( boo.
    8. omg. . .. tanned mystic Miel on the 20cm body is soooo cute!! Oh geez.
    9. oh my god, I NEED tan miel!!! Does anyone know if they said they were going to offer tan basic of these dolls? If so I can wait, if not ... I need to come up with at least $600 ASAP ....
    10. So the normal skin Elf does not have a larger body option so if you wanted a larger body you would have to order it extra. though the clothes wouldn't fit. They said both sizes would be released but I guess they meant one size of each. Kinda sad would have been fun for them to be the same size, the heads will be the same size but the body different.

      Question: so there is no White SP new versions or elf versions coming ? love my belle elf! I want a cute new SP WHITE tan version with mystic eyes!!

      HEY you can't have both heads the mystic and the open eye version ? looks like you need to select one or the other damn thats not easy.

      I do love that white version outfit best really nice design. Its not easy to decide what to order thats for sure :( yeh we need 4 dolls. I like both heads. I guess I prefer the mystic head on the tan one is seems like a softer expression ? not so keen on these dark outfits took disco 1980's.

      ? how much was grown up latches this will be the same price I would think.
      The regular skin elf should be less I would think.
    11. I think grown up laches was somewhere around $500 - $600? I thought I remembered seeing it around there ... maybe $485? Does that sound right? I don't really remember, I just remember that I couldn't afford him at the time ...
    12. sweet potatoes! pretty high. Damn 2,000 if you wanted all 4 versions eeks...
    13. I love tan miel's skintone, but am i the only one who thinks the face up is ugly? I don't like the greyish/black lips at all!

      ns elf is cute, but I think i'm safe... I thought they were going to be releasing all other mold in tan skin as well? or did i read that wrong?
    14. I actually ADORE the tan miels faceup!! I ... think the facup for NS miel makes her look very not miel ...

      lising, I thought I remembered reading that too ... if I could get a faceup similar to the christmas version, I would be -very- happy with a human tan miel. I'm in heaven just thinking about it <3
    15. WHAT
      That's...a lot.
      I guess that means no Christmas elf for me :(
    16. Cute but too expensive for me D:
    17. .... was really wishing for a white skin elf miel. and that's sad, if you have to pick between the normal head & the mystic head! major pout! :( i could hardly think of getting one, let alone two! BOOOOO.
    18. Do the release prices ahead of time? I can't remember?

      PRICE: $490.00 was the price of the tan latches in the same category. I am guessing the tan one will be that no lower in price as he also has the elf ears. I hope the regular skin one is a less though.

      I am such a sucker for the elf ears :( if the didn't have elf ears I could pass on them.....

      ** I want to see pictures of the optional hands !! says they come with two optional however Lati hands are REALLY hard to change right? you have to restring ?
    19. You don't have to restring to change the hands. What you can do is pull the hand out with the elastic and slip something slim between the elastic loop so it can't slip back into the arm and untie the string holding the hand on and retie the string with the new hand, remove you slim item, ie pen, and it's done!