LaTi Doll Alice In Wonderland 2020 Release

Jul 7, 2020

    1. Alice in Wonderland is one of the most fascinating stories ever written (and one of my personal favorites). LaTi Doll's new 2020 release is Alice themed and I am so excited! The lineup includes five LaTi Yellow options, a smaller Alice, and a LaTi Lime Alice. My personal favorite is the white rabbit (the Emily sculpt in peach white). She has a beautiful pink dress, long floppy rabbit ears, peachy cheeks, and bright purple eyes. What is your favorite doll from the series? Did anyone order one? Let me know :aheartbea

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    2. Cheshire cat. The winking version.
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    3. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite story too!! I am OBSESSED with anything and everything Alice. I love ALL of these little dolls, but Alice herself is probably my favorite. I love the Queen of Hearts too.
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    4. I collect Alice in Wonderland books and my collection is getting really big now. It is my favourite children's book and I am obsessed with the Mad Hatter. The Mad hatter's hat is really cute in this release. I am having to pass on this release unfortunetly as I have at least one and at maximum two purchases planned for later this year so I cannot afford it. If I was buying, I really like the smaller sized Alice. TBH I not 100% sure if Lati Yellow is a size of doll I want in my collection but they are really cute :)
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    5. i love this collection alot , i find the 3 sizes of Alice to be adorable. My favorite is the rabbit.
    6. I also love this collection especially the rabbit.