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Lati doll Blue with another body?

Apr 17, 2006

    1. I'm interested in buying a Cara head from Latidoll but I don't really like the body.Does anybody know about a body with similar meassurements to the Lati blue one?

      Do you know if it will fit with the minifee body? (I think that with minifee body the problem is the neck's circunference, but I'm not sure >_<).

      Thanks for all^^

      P.S.: if you have any photos please post them >.<
    2. I think Bee-A's body from DOD would fit. She has the same neck size (7 cm) as Lati Blue body. Mini Fee's are 7'5 cm or so.
    3. Thanks Nienna for your help ^__^
    4. good questions. I'd also like to know this!

      how would the resin match?
    5. By the way, Lati is now selling the body and heads for Lati Blue separately, $200 for the body, $108 each for the Shaina and Cara heads.
    6. My Cara uses an Angel Region body and she looks pretty ok with it. :)


    7. A friend of mine used to own a Cara head on a DoC girl body and the resin was a pretty good match(I could barely tell the difference in resin color) and the head is a perfect fit neck wise and proportionately.I always though that the Cara head was far too young for the body it was on though.
    8. Thank you very much for the pictures, Nienna! It reassured my plans. ^_^

      aoyuki_kitsune: I've always thought that too. It also seem somewhat unproportionate. ):
    9. bumping does anyone have a lati head with a minifee body? can it be done?
    10. sorry, i don't think it can be done. MNF necks are thicker and the resin match is way off. If you want another slim mini, i've heard the Unoa heads fit well on Castle Anne and I know Unoa fits well on Lati. So you might consider a Lati/Castle Anne hybrid.
    11. Bringing up an old thread - anyone managed to get a Latidoll Blue (girl) head on another body? ^^;
    12. I really like Lati blue body, why do you want to change it?
      I've alreay seen a Lati Blue with a DZ body!
    13. I have a Lati Blue Censya head on a DollZone body. I would think NS Yellow would be a pretty good resin match. The Censya head is somewhat smaller than the other Lati heads but the neck should be the same.

      Have a look at my girl Linnea



      DollZone double jointed bodies are really awsome. Perhaps there are a few extreem poses that MNF can do that they can't but they are easier to pose and can do almost as much. In my opinion anyway having both kind of bodies.

      MNF are smaller - they are only 40cm while DollZones are 43 and very very close to Naraes in measurements. So it's really a question about what you want - a not so tall girl or a slightly taller girl.

    14. [​IMG]

      Lati Blue Yern head (in normal skin) on a Dollzone B45-005 body (in normal pink skin).