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LaTi Doll Special Version Byurl

Feb 26, 2008

    1. LaTi has a new teaser photo of an adorable little boy! He has freckles, elf ears and different color eyes. Too cute!

      Sabrina :kitty2
    2. The eyes are super cute- as are the elf ears! :aheartbea
    3. The freckles are what kills me, I love freckles! Personally I could do without the elf ears.
      I can't wait to see the entire outfit though, he's gonna be a real cutie for sure!
    4. oh wow! he is so adorable. :) dont think i will try and buy him though, no idea why... finances probably!!
    5. I think I will wait for the basic Byurl :)
    6. The newest photos are so cute! I love the freckles, too. I wish we could see the cowboy boots - I think my special Lumi needs them! I won't be ordering the limited Byurl, either, but I do think he is adorable. Maybe the basic one someday, though. :lol:

      Sabrina :kitty2
    7. I think he's cute too, especially the freckles. I don't think the elf ears or the different eye colours suit this concept at all - but that's just me! I hope they release a basic byurl.
    8. Oh he's adorable!
    9. He is just too cute! :D It'd totally be buying him if it weren't for the fact that I just bought a Puki not too long ago. I can't save up money that fast. :sweat
    10. I'm not sure... I don't really think the elf ears go with the freckles, though both are cute as they are...
    11. oh!! love him. !!! so cute!~~
    12. He's very cute! I love the sweet smile. Have they said there will be a basic version?
    13. he's extremely cute! <3
    14. Oh No !
      my finger slipped ! I just went to have a look honest ...the new littler one just looked so sweet
      and was available ...so I just had to check if they were in stock ...and bam, ...finger spasm

      I think I had better sell my Lea now or my Husband will brain me! LOL

      as I looked at "her " I can just see a sweet little girl ....I just couldnt take a risk that they wouldnt release her as a basic
      the havent the other Elves ...and I so want an Elf ...so home "she comes "
    15. Ooh tinybear how did I know? LOL

      Take lots of pictures of her when she comes!! Byurl is so cute!!
    16. Oh MY!! Can't believe it, they say limited 30 of each. But it has been 14 hrs since the opening, but they are still available!!!

      I thought they would be sold out in an hour!
    17. The Lati site was a bit slow at loading yesterday though...

      They seem to be still available!
      Perhaps people are waiting to see what the new Yellow special concept is? ;)
    18. I am partial to the sp byurl, and I think it's those adorable freckles.

      I am really shocked that they haven't sold out yet, I thought they would go very fast! I know I was up last night waiting for them to go on sale...

      But then I ended up not getting byurl. I went a totally different route. Maybe when they have byurl in basic. I think I would rather have a nonelf byurl.
    19. I would love to order a basic byurl too, without odd eyes. But Lati says the basic version will keep the elf ears.... :-( :-( :-(