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Lati Gift Calendar and new upcoming photo contest

Nov 9, 2006

    1. Some news from lati

      i wonder what a "christmas-cab" is?
    2. So I'm confused, if you order a doll before the 20th you'll get a Christmas cab - whatever that is - and a calendar, but if you only order say wigs or something - in an amount adding up to $50+ - you'll just get a calendar? And if you order after the 20th, you'll not get a calendar, but if you order a doll you'll still get the Christmas cab?
    3. Do you have to be the doll's first owner to enter the contest?
    4. Where does the photocontest come into play, I'm confused with that.
    5. ^ Looks like they edited some typos on the official webpage, and clarified what exactly they meant by a Christmas cap XD I think the Santa hats are an adorable idea... heck, does Lati EVER run out of cute gift ideas?