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LaTi Greens: How do like them?

Mar 28, 2008

    1. I had a complete mental break down when the tan LaTi's came out and ordered two of them. I must admit though I'm a little worried about the non-jointed torso. So, for everyone who has one: How do like them? Do they pose well?
    2. I had a LaTi Green white skin CoCo, but sold her. I wasn't happy with her white skin, she was too pale for me, and I was never brave enough to enhance her face-up. I also thought she was too large for me, but once she was off to her new home, I missed her! :doh I have a Green tan Lea on order now, though, but almost bought the normal skin Lea.

      I thought my CoCo posed nicely. But, since she was my largest and one of my first "tiny" dolls, I wasn't very familiar with the waist joint when she arrived. I now have a few smaller dolls with waist joints, and a new YoSD who arrived a few weeks ago, who is about the same size as CoCo. I really do like the waist joint now, but I love LaTi dolls, so it doesn't matter to me that my new Lea will not have the waist joint.

      I love all kinds of dolls, and how they pose is not the main reason I buy them, although I know it is very important to some people. I think it's really your own personal preference. If I love the face and size of a doll, the missing waist joint is not going to keep me from adding the doll to my family.

      Sabrina :kitty2
    3. I love them... Which ones did you order? I was so tempted by those tan dolls...but the timing was no good for me. :( I think they pose beautifully. The best I've seen in a non-jointed torso tiny. They sit and stand well...can fold their arms across their body and put their hands up.

      Here's a pic of my (normal) Coco sitting:



    4. I have a white skinned Green-Lea that I did the face up on and she is one of my favorite bjds! Here are a couple pictures of her:
    5. :aheartbea Gyah!! They are so cute! I'm dying now!!

      I ordered Senny and Renia since I couldn't bring myself to choose between them :sweat I loved the tan skin and outfits and I've had my eye on Senny for over a year now so it seemed like the perfect excuse...

      Thanks for the pics!!
    6. Please post lots of pictures of your girls when you get them!!!
    7. I love my Lati Green Renia and she was actually loved so much that 2 more people in my area bought her as well after seeing mine. Renia seems to be one of the rarest of the Lati Greens and there are only a few of them on the board so its funny that there would be 3 in this area.

      The size is sometimes hard to buy clothes for b/c they are a little taller than Yo's but not as tall or wide as Petite Ai. I have found that most of the Petite Ai stuff will fit, its just a tiny bit big and the Yo stuff is a tiny bit small. Luckily Tiarah ( http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=180425 ), doesnt live to far from me and she makes really cute clothes.

      Here are a couple pictures of my Renia, her name is Lorelei


    8. I adore the Lati Greens!

      I used to have a Ronnie, but he has a new home now. He stood and posed really well:



      Right now I have a Green Coco (normal skin) on the way, after falling in love with Akihoshi's girl :)
    9. I love my Lati Green Renia, Addie. :D I fell in love with the Greens thanks to AlhanaTsuki :P

      This is a picture of my girl:

      This one is a pic of Addie and the 3rd Renia in the Chicago area :)
    10. I am in love with your lati green coco, she looks so precious! and sweet! did you do her face up? :aheartbea
    11. Thanks so much! No, I didn't do her face-up. The pictures are actually two different Coco's...the first pic is default Lati make-up (ended up selling her) and the second is painted by a Korean artist named Kana. :)

      Here's a few more pics of her:

    12. I love your Lati Green Coco . . Now I have another one to confuse me . . so adorable :)
    13. I have a Christmas Senny! Her non jointed torso isn't bad at all. I thought it would bother me, but it really hasn't except when I'm restringing her...

      She poses amazingly well! Even in boots! Unassisted!



    14. I'm really excited now! I'm so happy I ordered while the tans were available! All the pics are adorable and they pose great!
    15. I love my Lati green kids, CoCo and Will (Ronnie) so much that Lea is joining the family in a few weeks! They all pose beautifully, and I just love their faces.
      Here are CoCo and Will with their little brother and sisters:

    16. I first got a Lati green Lea and I just loved the size so much that I sold my Lati yellow Lea to buy another green.
      Thank you Sabrina for my Coco, I just love her so much!
      I don't see to many Greens around, sure wish there was a group just for Lati green!
      Here are Jocelyn and José
    17. It's so nice to see Coco again, okiedoll! As soon as I sent her to you, I missed her terribly! So, now I have a tan Green Lea due to arrive home sometime in the next few weeks! :lol: She will be a big sister to my tan Yellow Lea, who I adopted from aya22.

      Sabrina :kitty2
    18. I LOVE Lea ...Green or Yellow
      I just WISH the green body had a jointed torso
    19. I just bought the x-mas Senny from Lori XD

      I put her in a new dress so the special outfit doesn't get wrecked :sweat


      Kuri helped me with the dress, now i gotta see if i can gank more outfits from my sisters dolls ;)