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LaTi has restocked both Yellow and Green

Oct 27, 2005

    1. In case anyone has been waiting to order, all basic LaTi (Yellow and Green) have been restocked and also some new wigs added.

    2. OMG they are freaking cute ^^, i never seen them before, i love them lol :D
    3. Is it just me, or are those wigs really really expensive? :wink: :wink:
    4. Do you think so? Compared to where? Custom House, Luts, Leekeworld, Volks, Blue Fairy?
    5. Compared to the other wigs on the same site!

      this one is for a bigger head

      and is two dollars cheaper than this one

      But I guess $30 is normal when compared to the other doll sites that charge similar amounts for very tiny wigs and bigger wigs alike (why is that?). I think I have been lucky lately getting wigs I am really happy with from ebay for less than $15 - maybe it's turned me into a scrooge. :oops:

      I love Lati dolls, I think they are excellent. I guess the smaller the wig - the harder it is to make, maybe thats why it's the same price as a one twice the size. :oops:
    6. Oh, so which wig were you referring to that you thought was so very very expensive? The ones I see are all from $25-35 at LaTi and all the other sites. I think it is true that the smaller wigs are just as hard to make, so smaller is not = cheaper. Is that what you meant?
    7. .[/quote]

      :wink: :wink:

      Yeah...I'm pretty sure thats exactly what I said.
      I hope I didnt...offend you? Just to be clear, I was only confused that they were the same price. Tiny wigs, same price as the much larger wigs, it seemed nonsensical to me at the time.
      :wink: :wink:

      I guess the problem is that I want about 8 of the wigs from Lati doll :grin:
      :wink: :wink:
    8. I wouldn't mind ordering four or five of them myself! [​IMG]
    9. And obviously we would need a doll for every wig...
    10. Naturally! [​IMG]
    11. Yes, I just ordered two wigs from them at $28 apiece (American). Ouch. :| That hurt a lot. I figured I might as well, since they will be shipped with my Ronnie that I just ordered at the same time. CanCan has the same style wigs in the same size for only $19. The only reason I didn't order the wigs from CanCan is that she didn't have the wigs in the colors that I wanted. If she had, my money would have gone to CanCan.

      I really look forward to getting Ronnie, though. He had such a beautiful, soulful, sweet face. I love Lati's dolls.
    12. Oooh I can't wait to see your Ronnie:D

      I think he looks like an older version of Aga Fairy Cookie (my Kalvin)!!:)