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Lati open Red line, K & M to the public

May 23, 2006

    1. I have to say "oh wow" too. ^^
      Does anybody have an idea of the price?
    2. I still can't view the LaTiDoll website for some reason... could someone post some of the pics here? I've heard they're beautiful and would really like to see. ^^
    3. I believe there are pictures of them in the discussion thread (in the Larger Dolls section).
    4. It doesn't lok like they have a jointed torso. Am I just not seeing it?
    5. It's not jointed, but it's likely flexable at the hip.
    6. There are a couple pics of the K and M specials.

      K is called Final Hunter and M is called Bloody Mist. Says prices will be up Monday; they go on sale on Wed the 14th.
    7. Special versions sold out:aeyepop: Anyone could get?
    8. omg~ the basic release day was delayed as well!! *sob*

      Hello, this is Lati.

      We are very sorry, but release schedule of
      Red line Basic ver. is delayed in 19:00(KST)
      July 10th.

      You have our apologies for your waiting again.

      Take care.
    9. I noticed they added the Orange category that I don't remember seeing there previously. Maybe they will be released soon.
    10. Does anyone know how much the basic version will be?....I can't seem to find a price on their website...?

    11. Pics and Prices are up on Latidoll.com for the Redline boys