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Lati Orange ??CURIOUSER and Curiouser

Feb 24, 2007

    1. I was having a look around the Lati site ..haveing read about the new Lati Green defaults
      when I noticed a Parts section in the Lati white ...nothing yet ...but nice to think the parts may be comming

      and then Lati Orange , between the Yellow and the Green ????
      another tiny do you think ?

      any one know more ??
    2. I think Orange is another Tiny. Their little icons indicate that. I'm pretty curious about them too.

      It's nice you can get the lati's ala carte now too
    3. OH! It would have to be a tiny if it's orange! So exciting!

      Thanks tinybear, I'm off to take a look!
    4. OMG! It'll be awesome to see what Lati's new tiny will be like. Can't wait. Thanks for tipping us off Tinybear.
    5. I noticed that a few weeks ago on their site there was an orange section, but I couildn't find any information anywhere >_< It's probably going to be a tiny, but what height?! I want one :D
    6. Hmmm... maybe there will be another cute little elf. Then I can add to my what should I get next list. :)
    7. Oooh thats sounds interesting! ive just ordered my first yellow, tiny dolls are so cute! :)
    8. I've been waiting for the Orange line to come out for such a long time. LaTi has had the Orange "teaser" on their informational web site, without details, since before the Blue and Red lines came out, I think. I gave up waiting for them; I used to check every day! I might have even asked LaTi about a delivery date, but I think it was a year or so ago, and they didn't give me a definite answer. From the design of their icons, it looks like the Orange will be between the Yellow and Green sizes.

    9. Maybe... Yo-SD or BC size.... That'd be awesome :/
    10. Speaking of teasers... anyone else notice the purple guy in the flash? What's up with that?
    11. They had up the orange section at least since early last year. I was going to buy a yellow last year but decided I would wait until they came out with the orange...

      Tonboko: I'm pretty sure the little purple guy is supposed to be Laches.
    12. Oh! I just noticed the Orange Line!! I'm pretty curious too!! :D I recently became a lover of Lati Doll tinies!! <3
    13. Oh no not an elf! Someone kill me now...
    14. If I recall correctly, the orange "fairy" has been in the opening for a while now. I'm guessing it might be in the Cherishdoll size range? Green is already fairly close to Yo size.

      Of course, it could be something more like Uyoo as well....more the fashion doll range, a smaller version of Blue?
    15. Oh my, either would be wonderful! I love the Lati Yellow heads, but want them on a slightly larger body. :)
    16. mhhh I wondered Uyoo size

      ...is it me or are the tiny less expensive ?
      I bought a green in parts form and it worked out more than that

      and me thinks that a tiny Lati white will have to come live with me again ...I do like the tiny boy elf

      wish the boxs wernt so huge LOL
    17. I know what you mean TinyBear. I want to get a Pury sometime this year... and $50 to ship a tiny doll is kind of crazy!*_*

      The box she comes in is so huge, its like opening a refigerator and the only thing in it is a little jar of strawberry jelly.

      I think when I do get her, I will open a group order to soften the blow.
    18. The base dolls seem like they're less, but I think that it is because you have to add options (wig, eyes, clothes) separately now.
    19. That is a perfect description!! :) I've seen the Orange option up for about a year also. I was surprised that they came out with the Red and Blue line before comming out with the orange one but maybe we will hear about it soon! :)

      I love the Lati Dolls and they are slowly taking over my doll collection!
    20. im curious too, i saw that on the main site awhile ago and wondered where are these orange dollys at ^___^