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Lati red line basic release

Jul 4, 2006

    1. Lati posted this on their site:

      Hello, this is Lati.

      Release brand-new BJDs and Restock schedule

      Red line Basic ver. BJDs will be released in 19:00(KST)
      July 10th.

      Brand-new BJDs of White&Blue line will be released
      in 19:00(KST) July 24th.

      White and Green line BJDs will be available again
      in 19:00(KST) July 24th. and We don`t have a plan of
      Yellow line restock in July.

      *The package including first SALY BY RESERVATION
      products will be shipped on July third in orders.

      *Special Limited ver. Red line BJDs will be shipped
      on July 10th in orders.

      Take care. =)

    2. I'm so there! can't wait!
    3. Ah, cool. I've been wanting to see the basic editions of these boys.